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So... I may be dumb. But how do I join the beta?

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If you participated in any of the other betas, you just log in to your account like normal.


If you have not, I believe tomorrow you can go here EDITED WITH UPDATED LINK



and click the link at the bottom that says Proceed to the beta test application site.



The site is closed right now, but says it will open when beta 4 officially starts (tomorrow).  You should be able to sign up there to gain access.

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Do you have an account with an activated beta thingy in it? If you already got the email with the beta code and stuff, and made your account then all you have to do is go into the forums and download the client and you're golden. If you haven't gotten the invite to the beta then you'll have to wait till you get that invite unfortunately... Least I think that's how it works.

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