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I'm new to FFXIV, but I'm a Final Fantasy player from the Super Nintendo era, though I've played everything from I to XII.


Role-playing I have a little experience in, but not much.  Mainly I like to RP using as much of the actual game as I can; meaning going out and exploring, fighting, crafting, etc.  I'm not into the "our characters go on a picnic" as much unless it's an occasional thing.  If I can do it in RL I don't really get much enjoyment from RPing it, however if there's reason for my character to do something IC then so be it.  I'm not as interested in having a "Second Life"TM :P as I am in being able to be immersed in a different world.


I can't join either Gilgamesh or Balmung because they haven't been accepting players for like 5 hours.  Is there one I should be aiming for over the other based on my play preferences?  Maybe before Phase 4 is over I get onto one.  :roll:

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I'll reply to you.




In all seriousness though, the welcome wagon isn't what it used to be, since everyone's caught up in their own preparation for launch. Or they're just being jerks. Who knows?


As for your server woes, I would suggest looking into what each offers you and choosing what's best for you. I realize your issue was with both servers not allowing character creation, but I can almost guarantee that problem will be remedied by launch. Don't lose hope yet.


And I think I speak for the RPC when I say "Sorry we didn't reply earlier. That's our bad, and you shouldn't have been ignored like that."


It's a bit of a stain on our name and a huge disappointment to see that a new member posted a greetings thread and was completely ignored.

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Hi Neo.Welcome to the site!


Many were probably busy with the game. I know I was obsessing when I could get in. I wouldn't worry too much about getting into either server once the game launches. They were having problems and they will most likely be taken care of by launch.


Hope to see you in-game!

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Thank you for you kind replies.  You could have easily chastised me for being impatient and/or expecting too much, but you didn't.  I'm a little frustrated that I didn't get into one of the servers and that I can't read (phase 4 email specified time frame).  I'll take this opportunity to expand on myself a little using the template.



--MMORPG background

Everquest, Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2

I didn't get very far in any of these except WoW, but I stopped playing during Burning Crusade.


--RP experience

I played on a Harry Potter server for Neverwinter Nights for a while, which encompasses most of my RP experience.  I also played a few sessions of D&D 3.5, hardly worth mentioning.  I'm not overly creative, I'm more of a reactive player; that is to say more of an actor than a writer.  I often find myself thinking about what I would do if I was the character in a book I'm reading and not so much thinking up scenarios in which characters would find themselves.  I'd like to be a part of someone else's story as a supporting character more than I'd like to write my own story.


--Character ideas/info

I got hooked on Final Fantasy when I was in Elementary School when I played FFIV (FFIIe).  I'd like to play a Dragoon as my first character since Kain was my favorite character in that game (despite his weaknesses).  I'm thinking more of a solemn character, again kind of a supporting role, maybe a soldier or member of a squad or guild.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

Google: "FFXIV roleplaying server"


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Well light at first, but depending on how things go I'm up for anything.  I do like completing quests/objectives within the game no matter the rewards, so I'll still do that kind of thing.  I'm not out to max my level ASAP, I prefer to experience everything there is.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I work for a company that supplies schools with science equipment for labs; physics, biology, chemistry, etc.  I do test/calibration and have an eye for quality.

In the past I've found that most RPers are much more creative than I am, however I'd still love to be a part of this community.  Let me know if you need a supporting role for your epic saga!

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As the others said, I'm really sorry you didn't get any replies sooner :( I never see a thread unless it's on the "recently posted" box on the main page, so it could have also been that.


Anyway, welcome to the RPC and FFXIV! We're all pretty sorry beta is over, but early access is on saturday and release is just next week. Also, I completely understand your RP style, since I'm pretty much the same way when I rp; reaction is easier(?) than being the coordinator. I hope you enjoy yourself :D

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I often find myself thinking about what I would do if I was the character in a book I'm reading and not so much thinking up scenarios in which characters would find themselves.  I'd like to be a part of someone else's story as a supporting character more than I'd like to write my own story.


I can relate to this. I'm a big fan of being the cool and sometimes mysterious supporting character in the niche role, or just doing plain old group RP. I write my own back stories and get really into developing my character, but always in terms of how other characters would interact with mine. So you're not alone on that.

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Well looks like I wasted my money on the digital download special edtion.  I got onto Balmung for a little while last Saturday and got stuck waiting to get into the first story instance, which I never did.  From late Saturday and continuing on until today it just keeps telling me the server is full and to try back later when there is an opening.  How do they expect me to know where there's an opening?!  What happened to the queue system? :frustrated:


Edit: Oh I tried creating a character on Gilgamesh and couldn't. This is what I get for breaking my rule and buying a game when it first comes out.

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Well I've been playing on Ultros for the last couple months, just having fun with the game.  Haven't quite finished the main storyline yet.


Anyway, I thought I'd drop in and see if I could find anyone experienced who was looking for supporting characters.  Like I mentioned before, I'm pretty green, so I'd like to maybe tag along and see how it's done.  I don't have any characters on Balmung or Gilgamesh as of yet.  I'd prefer to find a role that needs filling and create to that need as apposed to spinning my wheels trying to come up with something from scratch.  An example being something like a wealthy merchant that needs guards or a noble who would have servants that would be with them.

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