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Hi all! My name is Tai, nice to meet you all.


--MMORPG background:


I have not played many FF games, but have been playing MMOs for more than a few years now, including WoW, TSW, GW2, SWTOR, etc.


 --RP experience:


Ihave been introduced to RP in the past by friends, but it was many years ago and I did not really partake in it for long or in any way involved. So for all intents and purposes I am coming into it here with fresh eyes. 


 --Character ideas/info:


I have a few ideas, but nothing definite as of yet.  


 --How did you learn about the coalition?:


I came across this site while searching the net to see what would be the unofficial RP server for the game.


 --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?:


I will most likely be a light RP-er as I test the waters per say. Plus I enjoy questing and things in game, and will be OOC for that.

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You'll quickly find that the RP community is quite inviting. I hope that your tested waters prove to be... suitable.. to your.. toe, tastes... or something...




:lol: Just want to make sure my toes don't get burnt. Thank you for the welcome.

Welcome to the site, looking forward to rping with you!

Thank you! Nice to meet you.

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