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Hey RPers, I've decided to play FFXIV and chose to go with the RP path, mostly because I think it could be more fun immersing yourself into the world of Eorzea.

As much of a self-proclaiming fun and charismatic guy I am, I decided since I don't have a whole lot of experience RPing, I thought it would be best to look for other people who want to RP in ARR.



--MMORPG background

My first MMO I have ever played would be Ragnarok Online back when it was wildly popular for 3 years. Then I tried WoW for about 6 months and that didn't really interest me too much and since then I've just been playing shooters/fighting games.



--RP experience

I have some RP experience, back when I made an account on gaiaonline back in 2006 I believe, I've RP'd quite a bit but not enough to say that I would be great at it.



--Character ideas/info

Someone who does things for gil more often than naught, a sellsword if you will.

Has suffered great losses in the past and he is not willing to open up easily.

(Rolling and ARCH)




--How did you learn about the coalition?

From a youtube video that explains the different kinds of servers there are, made a mention to this website so I thought I'd visit. No regrets so far.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Light - Medium, I like to have fun, I'm not too savvy on Eorzea lore but I do try to be consistant and eventually evolve as a character.



--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?

I am also a part of the FGC (fighting game community), I have a job that pays decent, the hours are bad and I loathe half the people I work with. Unfortunately it's one of those jobs I can't just simply say I quit. Or else I'd go to the pen house. Yeah I'm one of those types.

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I hope RPing as a whole warms up to you, as well as the community that comes with it. People here have astronomically differing backgrounds and interests, I'm sure a handful of people have an interest in Fighting Games. I'd vouch, but all I've done is get my butt kicked by my sister in Street Fighter like, ten years ago.


Hope to see you in game!

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