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Hello there!

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Just thought to redo this as was a bit of confusion as both the husband and I were posting here.




Hello there!


I am Bloodwillow and with my husband (who plays Lucy McStuffins) we will be invading Gilgamesh.


You'll find us both in Driftwood Coast :D


Bloodwillow is the bodyguard to Lucy.  One is quiet while the other very social.  Complete opposites (Willow is a Roe while Lucy is a Lalafell)


Say hello to us when you can!

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Welcome, Hope you guys are having fun and I am now intrigued by your characters, So if it means waiting until the 27th then so be it. I look forward to learning more about them and I hope that we can one day work together ^^


Yeah looks like there is no way around it.  All servers that people have set as RP are all locked down right now.


Goblin; Marlboro; Adamantoise; Cerberus; Cactaur; Odin; Behemoth


These are what are unlocked :(  So I'll be making a char to putz on Cactaur for now

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Well, my spouse and I were able to make our characters on Gilgamesh this morning and we've decided to give that server a try for our RP.


Once we both get settled, which will be either later (if the servers open again after maintenance) or headstart, we'll have a small piece up for our bios.

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