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You might see me around... (Character location thread!)

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So after what's been an exciting, fun-filled weekend of beta leveling and getting my character concept fully locked in place I figured it might be a good idea to toss up a thread for people to get an idea of where characters hang out!


I saw a good amount of RP while playing, which is definitely something I was thrilled to see. However, I never quite knew WHERE to go to indulge in some random, pick-up RP! Now I know the open beta isn't quite the time or the place for it, but still!


That said, if anyone ever sees me ingame consider myself IC and available to RP! Half the magic of games without RP addons is just assuming everyone is IC all the time and engaging in roleplay!


Without further ado...


Where does Sylas hang out?

  • The Drowning Wench has become a favorite of his, as well as fishing off of the various docks in Limsa Lominsa.
  • When in Ul'dah, he's most likely to be found near the Gladiator's Guild.
  • While spending time in Gridania, he's grown fond of the little nooks and crannies (I haven't explored it enough to give him a proper hang out yet!)

Where does your character hang out/can be found regularly?

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Where Lren hangs out.

  • Often around bodies of water, the Docks of Limsa Lominsa being an old favorite.
  • The various rivers in Gridania also attract the man.
  • If in Ul'dah, the Pugilist's Guild would perhaps be another common spot.
  • When seeking out information on possible jobs or things of interest, it wouldn't be uncommon to see Lren in the various Taverns or Adventurer Guild's.

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I think this is an awesome idea. On top of this we might establish little niche points. For example the Bobbing Cork in Fellgourd Float (The place where the Gala is being held) is an awesome spot for a 'tavern' setting, yet it's deserted!


Where Koyu hangs out.


-Gridania, primarily! Wandering the streets occasionally.


- Sitting on the fence near the Aether Crystal


-Squatted on random rocks, crates, or leaning against trees in Old Gridania.



Essentially, if I'm in a City State, chances are I'm IC, or willing to be pulled into IC. I'll just -normally- hang out in Gridania when I'm actively looking for RP!

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