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The Reclaimers' Vanguard! (Inactive)

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Hey everyone, Lynette here. As of this morning on the Phase 4 beta, The Reclaimers' Vanguard , has become a Free Company! We are intent on bettering the community of Balmung with roleplaying events open to all! 


About us:


We are a group of friends who stuck together through a few games looking to make our home here. So far we are all ecstatic with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and are happy to see where it takes us! Our biggest goal is to ensure a welcome and warm roleplaying environment for Company members and others alike. We have a zero tolerance policy toward trolling or drama.


What we are looking for:


We seek serious roleplayers looking to develop their characters alongside ours. We will kick off the majority of the roleplay when the game releases, until then we are setting things up for the enjoyment of the rest! If you are friendly, laid back and like to laugh, this may be a good fit for you!


Our goals:


Of course, our primary goal is to make the roleplaying community bustle and love the experiences to come on Balmung. At 50, we will raid casually, as in when people are on and willing just to kill some time. I would like to emphasize group play in this to have people get to know each other. You're not just another member in this guild. You're a Reclaimer.


Interested? Whisper Lynette Beaumont in-game for more detail or check out our site!

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