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  1. Character Name: Hijiri no Reppu (Reppu) Introduction: Bold, adventurous, and collected, Reppu is the owner and proprietor of 'Winds', a shop that changes identity practically every sennight. Hailing from Othard, she feels she has no business entering this contest at all, but why not represent the mixing pot that is Eorzean culture? "I believe in you. No matter what may come. Unless that 'what' is incredibly damning evidence, then good luck buddy!" Optional screenshot: https://imgur.com/kjWLkJW
  2. Although it feels weird... I guess I'll sign up.
  4. But the Fearful! MORALE HAS BEEN LOW.
  5. Sounds silly! Chime me in if no more -newbies- sign up! I want to encourage newbies more
  6. Count me in for Abiding in Death! I was in the last event involving the zombie dragons so... yeeeeah.
  7. The half-dragon Princess will sign up for A Court of Owls.
  8. I think Verad took my decision to drop Gilgamesh on the event! I mean what, no? Sounds good! Reppu will just be Leanne's bodyguard from potential shenanigans! Rawr! ... and then flee at the hint of danger.
  9. Going to... 'request', but mostly 'reserve' a slot. I imagine Leanne would -really- want to go to this for personal reasons, so... Signing up in her stead since she won't be around for a while? If she doesn't want to, I'll go! If she does, then she can have mine.
  10. Thou Art Now Blessed, but only if the slot remains open. ... Someone has to make up for that debacle. Also Dragons. I guess. Minding I'm already signed for an event of course! Just offering to be slot filler! (Hint: Someone else new or not already in one, do this!)
  11. Signing up for A Flaming Sword! Reppu cares about Nymian stuff!
  12. To the Order of Nald'thal, As a witness to your recent expedition to the Nymian Ruins floating outside of La Noscea's outer reaches, I express my humblest apologies and sincerest sympathies. Unfortunately, despite my personal efforts of aetherial aid, the loss of number and well-being of your up-and-coming thaumaturges could not be prevented. I would like to express apologies on behalf of the Arcanist Guild of Limsa Lominsa as well, and with my letter is also provided a sizable crate of potent Ethers for your league to use as they see fit. My letter comes with information as well; the individual responsible for the loss of life amongst your order is an Ishgardian Dragoon known as 'V'aleera'. Within this letter is also a portrait recreated by our best criminal investigators for your use. I pray this incident does not cause too much grief between our individual guilds, and I would be happy to personally meet with any of your representatives to see this wrong, made right. Together, we can bring this villain to justice. - Hijiri no Reppu, Maelstrom Officer (The portrait is not very flattering) ____________________________________ To Ser Aymeric of the Holy See of Ishgard This letter is written on behalf of Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki, and the Maelstrom Escort Expedition to Nymian Ruins on request of the Holy See of the Ishgard's Inquisitors. To use as few words as possible, we would like to request your approval of a group of four Inquisitors chasing one 'Xanadu Mol'. The request is to know the names of the four individuals deployed into Maelstrom Territory and what their primary and secondary objectives are. These were the names given to us by them, and we would like to know if these are not only accurate, by sanctioned by your own seal; Helene La Floret, Frimont Forrlaine, Dammerung and Frienne Crusoe. I would also appreciate being given any information on a Dragoon known as 'V'aleera', due to possible future criminal charges, and to absolve Ishgard of responsibility if at all possible. Thank you for your cooperation, and may the Alliance prosper with the inclusion of Ishgard. - Hijiri no Reppu, Maelstrom Officer ____________________________________ With a sigh, Reppu seals the letters and has them sent out, her eyes closing. She leans back in her chair, her fingers drumming on her desk in a fit of annoyance. "... I can forgive the Inquisitors being crude and Heil Ishgard. But this V'aleera woman... I will see her drawn and quartered by chocobos."
  13. Whenever, all the time. Except Tuesday/Thursday from 6 CST to 9ish CST. Beyond that I can make whatever work.
  14. Well if the slot remains open until then, I'll sign up for Home on the Strange. An + Leanne would be good teamwork before we die. Horribly.
  15. Mostly following Leanne around, so basically any event she gets into; Open Strange III, The First and Forsaken Fahn and In the Maw of Madness. Something something help your girlfriend as a healer something.
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