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Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to the kind invite from Rock and welcome from everyone so far in game to allow me to try Role Playing for the first time with you :)


--MMORPG background

I have played a few MMORPGs, started in War Hammer playing a Black Orc and dabbled a bit in the RP side, well I played a large Orc ;), moved onto Rift, Guild Wars 2, Tera, the usual suspects. Always tended to stick to a main character and get involved in the lore.

--RP experience

Some RP experience as I hinted above, but nothing too serious as I was mainly playing in casual guilds which I used to make wait as I decided my character wanted to walk :P. RP is something I've wanted to get involved in a looking forward to learning from you all :)


My main will be a Highlander Pugilist expanding to a Monk named Astridr Aamodt. I'm originally from Scotland and the whole Nordic history appeals to me, so I got a bit excited when SE mentioned that Highlanders names were based around this idea. Pugilist basically as I enjoyed the idea of a hand to hand fighter instead of the normal sword for melee. She will be a bit reserved I think at the start, but always wade in to help people, sometimes without thinking :D and once befriending people will stick with them. Those are my initial thoughts, but I look forward to learning and developing with all of your help.

--How did you learn about the coalition?

By walking through Ul'dah as I normally do and basically being spotted and invited, so thank you all for the warm welcome so far :)

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

TBH I don't know yet as I've not actively tried playing this way before, I'm sure I'll enjoy it :).

--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Full time Mechanical Engineer, originally from Scotland but now living in Australia.


Thank you for reading my post! And, hope to see you all soon!


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