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Hello! Would love some thoughts on my character.

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I just finished up my character's article on the wiki and would love to have some feedback on what I've made. Any comments or constructive criticism is appreciated!


What I'm really hoping to know is if it seems too cliched, or if he seems like someone that would actually be pretty interesting to get to know and RP with.


I'm also looking for comments on his appearance, it took me forever to get the look down! Thank you for your time, folks!



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Sorry for the wait, I was reading it! First off to note, I do actually really like his face / hair. The white is very eye catching yet he still looks so 'griseled'. I'll be the first one to say it, I don't normally like Hyur males because I've always favoured the 'pretty boys' but DAAAYUM.




As for the story itself, it seems like he's someone I'd want to know more about, your wiki is condensed and refined to give that "Hey, want to know more?" vibe. Unlike mine which is just walls of text. 



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He has that mysterious vibe going which makes me want to learn more about his story and where he came from. I think sometimes when it comes to back stories less is more so good job on that one. His look and personality make him seem a bit like a good guy wrestler. He's big and strong but is always the guy who comes out to defend weaker people against the bad guys. I quite like that. I'd also be interested to find out why such a mountain of a man preffered  magic over learning how to swing a huge axe or something.

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I like his look a lot, it's neat how it gives him a totally different vibe from a caster type!


Character wise, he has a lot of mystery and intrigue that makes you want to find out the backstory of him, like others have mentioned. Speaking from a character standpoint, I think if Faustina ever saw him walking around book in hand on more then one or two occasions she would definitely want to talk to him since she loves reading too. And she is a bit quirky/odd, so most likely she would talk to him like she knew him hehe :)

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I like it a lot, 


Appearance wise he doesn't come across as a traditional magic type, and that is a good thing because traditional is boring to say the least. And you gave him this presence of mystery even through his look it's conveyed because of the part of white hair.


As for the history and things, I find it to be good because his history and personality have enough to know he has a kind heart without knowing why he does have one, it makes a very powerful statement without going into detail and I think it is going to make for good RP. Plus I like the tidbits about his like of books, and scholarly type things. ^^

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