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~sniffles~ I lost my Pre-order Code!

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Try getting in touch with Squeenix, tell em GameStops are being 'tards as usual. ^^;




Did you pre-order from website?

Did you call them?

Or was it all done in person?


If you went to a store in person to pre-order, go there in person again, with the gamebox, hopefully get the same guy who did the pre-order for you so they now you really did pre-order and you're not just trying to get a code.


The whole "we can't print codes anymore" might just be their default answer to anyone asking for one.

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This is why I dislike Gamestop. Ugh.


I pre-ordered the game and they gave us a receipt but it didn't have a pre-order code on it, we had to go back up there and get on their ass about it and they almost didn't give us our codes. We had to basically force them because it was their mistake.


Just tell them you want a reprint of your receipt, which should have the code on it. I really don't think they can deny you, and if an associate denies you, ask for a supervisor.

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I think if you cantact Sqaure-Enix, they should be able to offer advice. Even Game Stop should still have a record of your details. Did you pay for it with a credit or debit card? Do you have a physical receipt for the purchase? I am unsure if the preorder code came with the receipt or seperate.


Take the steps mentioned by Asyria. It many not solve you getting into early access as it's a bit late but that pre-order code also came with extra bonus items, right? Items you will now loose as well even though you paid for the entitlement to have them?


They might not be able to "print" new codes, but old codes should be on files. You'd think they keep a record of their transactions if they are a sensible company.

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Sadly, it was the manager stating that in the first place.


Yeah, that's a piss poor manager in my opinion. They cannot deny you a receipt, I've worked in retail. You have every right to want a record of your things for checkbooks, etc. 


Like the others said, at this point you can only go through Square Enix directly if they're being so horrible about it. Unless you want to try again and tell them they need to reprint your pre-order receipt. It's not a new code, it's your old one so I don't understand why it would be such a big deal.

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What about trying Gamestop Customer Service. Explain the situation. If you are a Rewards member they have a record of all the games you've bought/sold at gamestop. That would include your preorder.


Based on that, they would have to give you the key as it's the way to get the preorder bonuses that Gamestop offered.

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YES! THE WORLD IS GOOD! :cactuar: I talked to my buddy (not the manager of the store....I think he doesn't like me) and he was able to go into my powerup rewards account and get the "Back-up Code" for Early Access :D So as I type this out, the client is going ahead and downloading on my PS3....well Ok, I'm lying, but I have the code to redeem that download :3

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I was just about ready to give you one of my codes, I felt so bad reading the thread but I am glad you got one on your own. Game Stop ended up giving me an extra one so when my wife was all.. AWW.. poor guy I was all.. :idea::geek: IDEA! SEND HIM OURS! But by the time I got to the bottom of the thread I saw you got one! Happy gaming!

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