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Possible IC change.


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Hey everyone!


I've been mulling an idea around in my head, but I'm unsure as to if I should execute it.


After playing Phase 4 of the Beta, I found myself enjoying the crafting quite a bit and I would love to try and make that 'all around' craftsman. Perhaps even the quiet craftsman turned warrior for materials/protecting people.


At this point and time, Haru Meshu is an aspiring Arcanist/weaver, but I wanted to kind of extend or manipulate that to something else.


If anyone could possibly help me with ideas, or even suggestions on how this would work, I would love to talk things out ^^

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You forgot to mention how unbearably adorable he is and how he gets all the ladies.


On a real note, I think it would be really cool for someone to have a character based around being a craftsman, or if you wanted to do magic as well, you could combind the two.  I mean, who wouldn't want a character based on using his abilities to make stuff... PRETTY MUCH THIS:




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Well, I was thinking, if I ended up doing the craftsman route and such, I would probably end up moving towards the more melee oriented classes. If only because he's used to working with his hands...


On an off topic note....


"Stop calling me adorable!" Haru exclaims as he stamps the ground, crossing his arms, and puffing out his cheeks as he looks off agrivated.

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Hm! You could easily fabricate a story around that, I'd just test out the actual melee classes and pick which one you like best and go from there. That might just be me though, I made Koyu a White Mage because that's the class I have the most OOC fun with. SO, I'd play around a bit, find what you like best from a mechanical stand point, then wrap that adora- ...That Gruff, fiesty man around it.


Off topic;


Where's Xen when you need her...

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Shut up! He's a feisty drunk.... *cough*


Ahem, I have tried out most of the melee classes in previous betas and such. The only real one that I haven't messed with is Marauder, and I'm slightly inclined to do-so as I wouldn't have to change his backstory too much seeing as Arcanist and Marauder are 'stationed' in Limsa.


I enjoyed Lancer and Pugilist, so Iunno. I'll probably have to mull it over in my head.


Part of the reason I wanna try Marauder for him....Love little characters with huge weapons.


(Roger S. Huxley - Star Ocean: Til The End of Time)

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Oh Myyyy!

There goes Koyu.



Yeah... well... if Haru really is a feisty drunk and goes pugilist... he and my feisty drunk pugilist ROEGADYN should totally hang out. :P



That said, crafting can be a matter of working with your hands (carpentry, weapons, armors) or it could be delicate work (weaving, alchemy, goldsmithing) which is quite appropriate for finger-wiggling spellcasters.


Now if you want to do ALL of those AND fighting... well... that will be  a lot of work! But I don't see why you couldn't do it as a spellcaster of you want.



P.S. Pint-Sized Powerhouse

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