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Greetings and Salutations!

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Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself.


Talathar, at your service. *bow*


--MMORPG Background - Asheron's Call, Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic


--RP Experience - I started out roleplaying over 20 years ago, with tabletop games, including 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, RuneQuest, and 3rd Ed D&D. From there I took part in a online community of writers and roleplayers, who roleplayed both on their forums and a IRC channel. 


I played a tarutaru WHM named Talathar in FFXI, on Seraph. Although FFXI was not my first MMORPG, it is the first where I was very proactive with my roleplay - and it was a wonderful experience. In fact, I have used the name "Talathar" ever since.


In WoW, I was on the Feathermoon server (although not as Talathar, as she didn't really fit in Azeroth because gnomes were not cute enough), and within my first few weeks was lucky enough join a great roleplay community there. 


--Character Ideas / Info - Talathar Khalynn is a young Lalafell, and was unlucky enough to find herself orphaned at age 12, after the war 5 years ago. Tala and a few other unlucky youngsters were taken in by a fiercely protective Hyur woman named Khalynn. 


Now 17, she has taken the woman's name as a surname, and aspires to be like her foster mother - a strong protector of those who cannot protect themselves.


--How did you learn about the coalition? - A friend and fellow roleplayer from World of Warcraft pointed out the Coalition to me. 


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? - I suppose I would be considered a medium level roleplayer. I don't particularly care to be the center of attention, so I don't bring personal story arcs into the game. However, I do try to stay in character, and keep true to the character as much as possible.


--About me - Um, I'm old? I sometimes write a bit of fanfiction. And I promise not to resurrect the tarutaru accent in-game. (^_^)y


Thank you for your time! I hope to find a good home here!

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Welcome to our little group and the game, Talathar!


Glad such an experienced little lalafel will grace us with her presence. Talathar sounds like an ernest little gal and we'll be lucky to have her in-game. :D


I find that writers make wonderful Rp'ers as you can't help but consider motivations for the things your character does and it makes for a very well-rounded character.


Hope to see you around the aetheryte, if you see me in-game please stop and say hello, I'll do the same!:lol:

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Welcome welcome welcome!


Glad you decided to join the RPC and even decided on joining Gilg for your server, you will definitely never go wanting for RP :D. Although, you will find a good quantity and quality RP on either server. 


I hope you will share your fanfiction with us sometime in the Town Square section!


I also look forward to making your acquaintance in game.. just keep in mind that while Morelle is a nice person..you should really safeguard your gil. >.>

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Rock: Thank you! I have some roleplayer friends also migrating over from WoW, who may be interested as well - I will prompt them over this way!


Noire: Thank you! But, you do realize, Tala is REALLY short? Even for a Lalafell? Getting into her pockets might require either Morelle laying flat on the ground under a pile of leaves, or Tala standing on a stepladder... (^_^)

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