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RPer looking for a home.

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Hullo and welcome!  We're getting more and more folks here everyday, and it's a very exciting time for all of us!  As previously stated, the goal of the RPC was to try and get everyone together on a unified front to explore role-playing opportunities, but motives being what they, the RPC decided it would support two servers for gamers; one Legacy and one non-Legacy, and that decision was made well before my time here.  


That being said, no one can say what percentage of folks will be RPing on the server of your choice, but in the Linkshell Hall we do have an 'other' section added for those of us who want to connect on a server other than the primary ones.


We're glad to have you, and the members here are amazingly helpful and friendly.  Wherever you go, I hope you find friends and a happy home!

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Thanks for the Replies I had hoped to find a group on My home server since I am legacy there and who know when and how much it will cost to server transfer but I am more than happy to roll a brand new char. on one of those servers. I will see what comes of the next week or so :thumbsup:

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