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Will we be able to change our character's city state later on?


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This is a question that has been bugging me for a while, especially since I haven't really done much research into the game itself in order to avoid as many spoilers as possible. Yet after recently learning that player housing is intended to be added in the first major content patch I began to worry - perhaps needlessly - about being locked into a specific city state.


To clarify my concerns, I intend to make my character into a dragoon as it fits his story quite well. This means that I'll be starting out as a lancer, but that means my character's city state will be listed as Gridania. I have my sights set on a house for him in Limsa Lominsa, though would it be worth investing in a different starting class based in that region initially and then later embrace the path of a lancer? 



Apologies in advance if this question has already been asked and answered - I did a bit of digging around but didn't manage to find any concrete information!

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We don't know how housing restrictions, if any, will work. My wild speculation is that they'll be related to Grand Company affiliation.


What I can tell you with certainty, though, is that you can join any Grand Company you want when you get to that part of the main scenario quest -- so you can start in Gridania, but throw your lot in with the Maelstrom. You can also join any Free Company, regardless of its Grand Company affiliation. And, of course, you can set your home point wherever you like.


So, I guess I'd suggest not worrying about it right now. :)

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Thanks for the response! I'll just go ahead with my original plan and start as a lancer in Gridania and then later head to Limsa Lominsa when I unlock access to the region since my character is meant to live nearby. I'll just have him claim to be renting a room above a tavern for the time being and then later invest in a house there when they're made available.

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I've wondered about that, too, if you'll be able to do like in FFXI, hit rank super-whatever and be given permission to switch Grand Companies.


I'm lucky that my starter city and my favorite city are the same one, but yes, you get to pick your Grand Company regardless of where you started. Now I just have to convince my FC to settle there, too.


It sounds to me almost like you can buy your plot of land wherever if you've got the cash, but so few of those details are confirmed yet.

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