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Hello everyone!  Just wanted to quickly introduce myself and say howdy.  I'm Taz'lu's hubby and have been very much looking forward to RPing with the community in FFXIV:ARR.  I'm fairly new to RPing, only three or four years, but absolutely love it.  I've found myself enjoying the RP aspects of MMOs much more so than the PvE or PvP aspects.


One of my favorite things to do is RP while questing/grinding outside of the typical tavern scenario and what not.  I love to try and stay IC as much as possible.  Taz'lu and I are looking forward to seeking out other RPers on Balmung to interact with and eventually get into the free companies/linkshells.  There seems to be a nice background of lore for FFXIV:ARR which is fantastic!  This community seems to be pretty awesome, so thank you!  It makes things much easier for FF noobs like Taz'lu and myself hehe.  Looking forward to meeting folks ingame in a few days.

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