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  1. Firae is always looking to meet new people! Feel free to add me
  2. Firae

    Hello All!!!

    Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your stay . Look forward to seeing you around the server as well.
  3. i'd like to make a commission if that's fine with you
  4. Hey guys its been quite some time since iv'e been on the RPC ,and why i'm not a novice to rp by any stretch of the imagination; I have been having a rather hard time getting back in with the community as well as making connections. So I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help me get back in the grove of things! My character is a young Midlander Hyur by the name of Firae Elric. He is an Ex-gang member turning a new leaf in his life by becoming an agent of inquiry to find redemption for his past misdeeds. So if anyone out there is interested feel free to leave me a message. Thank you
  5. Hey man! Noticed your post,and I would like to say I would be willing to help you out man ! You seem like a pretty cool guy,and i'd be willing to teach you the ropes man.
  6. Firae carefully opened the doors to the quicksand as to not make a ruckus all while having a rather serious expression on his face. " Hmmm...Wonder where I should sit." He muttered to himself as he glanced around. After a while he finally noticed a good place to sit near the other group ,and took a deep before ordering up some hard ale.
  7. Welcome to the community pal! We hope you enjoy your stay ! :moogle:
  8. I'd like to join in this as well! Sounds like it could be a lot of fun! My classes include: BLM 50,and Miner 37.
  9. Firae Elric here making a come back to the RP Community! Looking forward to going to events once more,and getting to know you all once more. Here's to a new era!' For those wondering my Character is the often hard to find novice agent of inquiry,and ex-gang member Firae Elric. He is rather reclusive fellow always waiting for the next big mystery to show up ,and quite well mannered in most cases, though when provoked his personality can be rather explosive. He can also have a hard time opening up to others,but is generally pretty friendly over all.
  10. I'd like to have part in this actually! Count me in
  11. Hmmm seems we are having an emergency maintenance session again. Lets hope this is a server expansion, or makes things slightly better some how.
  12. (( Server woes indeed...You were quite pleasant to RP with, and i do hope one day we can all RP together again.))
  13. Pleasure to meet you! Hope to seeya around the server mate ! Quite the nice intro too! i quite like it. I really need to make a intro thread that's more like this at some point >.< it's just so awesome and professional!
  14. It's a pleasure to have joined your ranks! Thank you for having me aboard, and i look forward to a great year at the academy!
  15. Hmmmm let's all just hope things get better eventually...
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