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Evenin' Folks!


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Hello all! It's nice to meet ya'll! Time for the intro *ahem*


I'm a 23 year old student in South Carolina who just started working on my masters in history. As a result my gaming is usually only on the weekends or whenever I don't have a paper due the next day.


MMORPG background


I first got into MMOs with Warhammer Online. I was on that ship from the get go. After that I moved to WOW for a few months but dropped it after some bad customer service from blizzard. After that I went to City of Villains and then when SWTOR I jumped into it.



RP experience


I first started to RP in Warhammer Online when a real nice guy invited me into an RP guild he was in. I loved the Warhammer lore and it made it tons of fun. I loved RPing entire fort sieges, some of my fondest RP memories are from Warhammer. I did a little RPing in WOW, but moved on to City of Villains when I got bored. Joined a guild in SWTOR with the same guy who had gotten me started in RPing. It was good fun but I dunno. Something was lacking about the SWTOR RPing. I did some forum RP for ESO to kill the time before I decided I'd give Final Fantasy a whirl. 



Character ideas/info


I'm completely new when it comes to Final Fantasy Online lore and so I kinda planned my character around that to some degree. He's a Highlander and I'm still trying to find a good name to fit him. My idea for him is to be a clueless farmboy fresh off the family farm. Naïve and gullible but not stupid. He's left the farm to make his name and see the world like his grandfather, father, aunts and uncles did(most of his family is retired military turned farmers). He'll get scammed and taken advantage of and be a little clueless, but eventually he'll catch on to how things work though never completely so. That's his charm. He's easygoing and slow to speak, preferring to mull over his words before speaking. Sometimes he's a little too easy going. My endgame plan is for him to be a Dragoon.



How did you learn about the coalition?

I was looking for what the unofficial RP server was going to be and stumbled upon it. I'm happy I did.



What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


I'm going to be medium to heavy. I like to RP but sometimes just shooting the breeze OOC is fun too. If I really get into my character I'll start to lean more towards heavy.



And there you have it. I'll expand on his bio more in his wiki and when I can actually decide on a name. I look forward to playing with all of ya'll!

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Welcome to the RPC and FFXIV :D I really like your character concept, it has a good charm to it and seems like it will lead to some interesting interactions.


If you have any questions about anything don't be afraid to ask anyone. Everyone here is really friendly and welcoming, lending a hand kind of comes naturally.

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