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Odd account things!


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So I hope I'm posting this in the right locations. I have FF14 from 2010 and I Pre-ordered ARR. So I should have two accounts. When I log into Square it shows my new account, when I log into Lodestone from the first 14 I get my old account, and when I try to log into the new FF lode stone, it shows the toon I made in early access.. It's very strange and I can't find a support email address for anything! lol SO yay I can play the game an its awesome! But.. did my accounts merge? i'm a little confused! Thanks for any help!


Love jaxom!

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If you pre-ordered ARR, then you should have two accounts, as far as I know.

And yes their support seems to be terribly hard to get.

I'm also a Legacy player and I bleieve that means I should have early access and extended free period, from what I read, but I never got a pre-order code and am being asked for one. O_O

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Umm, guys...help? :?


I logged into my SE account for fun to see any changes there, and.... I can't see Almil anywhere?? Is Almil gone??? :cry: 



In Mog Station it lists my account type and bonus items and next to them says "You have no available characters"  .........wha? Where can I find her?? Or can't I just see her before I enter payment option or something?



I can still find her in old Lodestone, but not in the new one.

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Guys help.... I can't even login to the official forums to ask stuff... :/


Since the valid character data is not present on your Square Enix Account, you are not allowed to log in to the forums.


Even if the monthly fee is paid and a valid content ID is available, a valid character data needs to be present.

Once the character is created, you will be eligible to log in to the forums. However, it may take some time until the character data is reflected to the system.


And I thought we (1.0. owners) would get download link for the 2.0 so we don't need to buy the game again.... did I miss email about that or something?


Forum is so messy with complain topics that I can't find information of it there. (yes, can still read it, just not login and post anything there)

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