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XI:7 Open House


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These flyers are posted in various places around the different city-states. Little messages have started showing up next to the flyers stating, "Meet at the Bismarck tonight."




XI:7 will be holding a small open house event in Limsa Lominsa tonight (8/25). We'll be meeting at the Bismarck for some RP. The central purpose is to give an opportunity to those who are interested in XI:7 ICly to come and ask questions and meet some of the employees. However, the tab is on XI:7 and it is encouraged to just come and relax.


The official start time will be 6:00 PST, however we might start earlier if there are those wanting to RP before that.


If you have any questions, send me a message here or in-game on Garryson Shipkeeper.


See you in Eorzea!

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Sinette is already in a FC. Would there be a LS version?


Edit: I suck at timezones. What time is that on EST.


We have an OOC LS, so I'd be happy to invite you to that so you can keep up on what RP is happening, etc.

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