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Villages of the Shroud


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I tend to like to make my characters being from outlying villages and hamlets (even if they are offscreen), instead of being a city-kid. But I don't know where all the villages are in the Shroud. and per medieval times most tiny villages were spread out with homes being miles between.


Taijha, my Moonkeeper grew up in the Shroud, somewhere. But I dunno where... so has anyone used one of the villages in the Shroud that is actually a village and not an outpost? Or did you make up a village name and have it be offscreen somewhere in the Shroud?

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My character is a Keeper of the Moon, and she grew up in the Shroud as well, but in a small family group. It was just a cluster of four log cabins in the woods. I simply referred to it as her family's homestead, and it's definitely off screen. There's very few villages or communities in the outlying areas around the three city states in game. Most of what are there are just quest hubs, with an aetheryte, chocobo stalls, and a handful of small huts or buildings. There's plenty of room for off screen interpretation.

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That's what I figured... Does your family homestead have a location on the map? I've always believed that the in-game part of a zone was only a fraction of how big the area would really be. Like that small homestead in the north shroud would be much bigger and have several farms in it.

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If I'm remembering right, the maps were much bigger in 1.0 (like twice as big as they are now, but that was three years ago, so I may be misremembering). I agree though that the game is likely a microcosm of the greater world. Otherwise all of Ul'dah would be fed by two small garden patches outside the Nald gate. That doesn't seem likely.


I didn't really pick an area of the map for her homestead. I described it as a circle of four small cabins with a common area/firepit in the center set against the backdrop of a tall, rocky cliff with a small stream running past it.

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I'll end up doing that, but i want to pick an area somewhere in the Shroud that I like. But her home will just be as small as yours. And yeah, the ingame zones were way bigger than they are now. It's one of the things I miss about 1.0.

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I've decided that Taijha's family home is going to be somewhere near the ocean in the Shroud (or if that's not possible, a really huge lake). It's gonna be really small, just her, her mom and her older sister, and a traveling merchant that stopped by every week to sell wares and trade, and rest... If someone wants to be from this little homestead it's fine with me. Surrounded by huge trees and wildflowers.

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I can list most of the settlement in the Twelveswood.


Center Shroud

The Bannock - Center Shroud - Twin Addler Camp

Bentbranch Meadows - A town with a chocobo stables. Chocobo bred here were sent to train at Treespeak Stables.


North Shroud

Treespeak Stables - Chocobo Stables, training chocobo to serve Gridanian.

Hyrstmill - Town

Fallgourd Float - Town with the famous inn, Bobbing Cork


East Shroud

Hawthorne Hut - Belongs to the Hawthorn Family

Little Solace - A Friendly Sylph Settlement

The Mirror Planks - Small Port


South Shroud

Buscarron’s Druthers - A settlement centered around alehouse belongs to Buscarron

Quarrymill - A settlement currently in conflict, receiving refugess from Ala Mhigo.

Mun-Tuy Cellars - Once crawled with beast, the Twin Adder claimed them and become a place to produce Muy-Tay Beans and its related product.

Camp Tranquil - A settlement nearing Ul'dah


If you want more details, visit my Lore Collection and simply search the name of the settlements with your browser find function. 

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