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[Journal] An excerpt from the travel logs of Firae Elric( OOC is Welcome!)


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Entry 1: A day in the shrouds.

                 Today marks the day i begin to log my travels,and as such will continue to do so daily if possible. As of today my travels have brought me quite far from the city of Ul'dah as I had found my self lost deep in the Black Shroud. It seemed like hours before I found a nice outpost that pointed me in the direction of the beautiful forest city of Gridania. On my there I found my self quite enthralled, and mystified by the beauty of the Surrounding areas, Though not for long as i was chased down by a odd scorpion like creature that I personally never laid eyes on.


 In my mad dash i finally found my self in Gridania,and it was a sight to behold! Eventually  in my own wandering about of Gridania I came across a nice little place by the falls to rest my weary legs. Why i was there though i happen to meet about 3 rather interesting people there,though i'm getting ahead of myself. The First 2 i met through over hearing their conversation ,and the third seemed to just walk on in on the 3 of us having a nice chat. 


The First of the people i met that fine evening was sweet miqo'te lass by the name of Tirramei though i called her Tirra for short. She was rather awkward at first, though can't say i wasn't a bit awkward at first either,After all i'm not exactly the best with the lady folk's. Apparently she wants to be a great healer,and help others,and it warmed my heart to know there is still kindness in hydaelyn. She was rather cute too,though had quite the sad tale to spin as it seems she lost someone in the war. I completely understood how she felt as i too had lost someone in the wars as well,and i did try to comfort her but to no avail sadly. Over all though she was a nice sincere lass,and i hope to cross paths with her again.


The Second of the people i met that fine evening was a Moonkeeper bard in training by the name of Kyrio. I must say his appearance was rather jarring at first as his hair color, and style were quite outlandish to put it lightly,though he seemed like a nice enough person. His over all goals were to spread joy and music across Eorzea. Which was quite a good cause, though his voice needs some work over all. He sung a rather nice ballet about romantic walks in the Twelveswood, but his voice was a rather off key, and i spoke my mind with out even realizing it, and offended him by accident. I was quite swift to apologize, but instead was challenged to do better to which I then sung a nice ballad about Ul'dah, Though not being much a singer my self I only did slightly better. He was a nice fellow over all though,and I hope to see  him down the road sometime again.



The Final person I met that evening was a mysterious woman by the name of Kiana. Why i didn't talk to her as much i found her equally as interesting. She seemed to be hiding an accent, Though it might just been my imagination, though if she was then it sounded quite familiar. It seems she is a lance for hire,and quite the wanderer like i am so i will more then likely cross her path again in my own travels. I don't really have much to say about her though as our time chatting was rather brief in comparison to Miss Tirra,and Kyrio.


Over all  it was quite a nice evening,and i do hope to seem them all again,But anyway from there I remember i had business in Ul'dah once again,and bid my newly found friends a fond fairwell. From there i rented a chocobo from the porter,and began my ride, although about half way my chocobo ran off,and I was forced to make quite the tedious journey back. Eventually arrived,but found i was out of breath so i stopped to take a nice rest in the golden court where i met another person by the name of Dustyn. Dustyn was an inspiring young bowsmen who seemed to having quite the hassle trying to get home to her house in Limsa Limosa it seemed, though i didn't quite understand some of the details. The conversation over all was short ,and i quickly made my way to the things i had to attend to.


With that final passage I say i've done enough writing,and shall retire for the evening. It's been quite the day though i must say.

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