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After numerous constant complaints about forum activity being too overwhelming for many, I've done something that may or may not help alleviate that partially. One of the reasons given for the overwhelming activity was the fact that there were so many pages per thread. This in turn gives the illusion that the thread is too difficult to keep up on due to a constant climbing page count.


Originally, the formula being used by these forums was 10 posts = 1 page. I've since increased this to be 15 posts = 1 page. I may still increase it once more to 20 posts = 1 page. Regardless, I'm hoping this makes some of the threads feel less overwhelming. The number of pages on other active threads has now dropped with this new formula in place.

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you could have said this a bit sooner ...

I was wandering why so many pages were missing , thought it was some kind of major post cleaning conspiracy

Although I am glad this saves me a lot of time , no more page after page after page

now it is page after page the end

Thank you , for an Admin you really do your job

Had an experience where the Admin actually caused an increase in SPAM and was also messing around making the site this that and so much other stuff , but you focus on the basics each day


I vote for you as Forum and Site Admin of the year

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