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Disciple of War roles?

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What are all of your opinions on the roles of each of the disciples of war classes? Would one have a "speciality" over the other?


For example, between the two war tanks of the game, GLD/PLD seems to excel in single target tanking whilst MRD/WAR focuses on holding multiple mobs. Granted I'm just speaking from a 20-30 experience.


I'm just trying to picture situations when one of the three war DPSer would be appropriate for X situation. For the most point I just queue as whichever dps class needs levelin.

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I don't know much about the way raids work in this game, but I can speak from experience as a hardcore raider in WoW.  The composition a group chooses depends heavily on the buffs each class brings, their raid utility, and exactly how shitty the fight is for Melee.


I say "melee" because I can think of like, maybe two fights offhand where Melee have an advantage over ranged.  >.>  And even then it's fairly spurious how much of an "advantage" they have.


In my experience in this game, a nice balanced comp seems to be two Melee (one tank, one melee DPS) and two ranged (one healer, one ranged caster or ranged physical DPS).  It does seem significantly harder on certain fights to bring multiple melee (a few of the fights in Halatali come to mind, as well as the last boss in Haukke Manor, etc) because there are ranged things that need doing and it takes longer for a Melee to get out there and do them.  Or, in other cases there is just a high chance of lava suddenly appearing under your feet and you are probably going to have to move more than a ranged might (the "rings" of lava on the Ifrit encounter come to mind, as if you know the fight you can position yourself as ranged to be on the edge of whatever is going to come out in order to minimize movement, but melee don't really have that luxury in my experience).

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