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Hey All.

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Just thought I'd introduce myself. Been checking out the site now and I must say that I'm very impressed. Tons of great resources for RP and lore and though I'm new to FFXIV, I'm not new to RP nor MMO's.


Currently still RPing in WoW (Moon Guard) and thought it would be nice to finally RP that Final Fantasy character I have always imagined. I first started RPing in World of Warcraft in 2007 and that's pretty much where it began. My RP style is considered heavy and I tend to be in IC most of the time.


A buddy and I have been planning to roll characters on Balmung for RP but it seems that the servers cannot take anymore characters? I have been told that the servers are usually glitched out for the first couple of days in the game and I would very much love to get into Balmung. Is it a waiting game until I can finally hop into Balmung?


Anyhow, I look forward to RPing with you all in FFXIV and creating a story of a lifetime. Hope to see you all... as soon as Balmung will grant me access.

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Howdy and welcome aboard. The servers right now have been manually halted from allowing new characters to 'help' with the congestion as the amount of players was underestimated by SE, therefore, they are working this weekend on expanding the servers to accommodate everyone.


Though, if you get online at less active times, you can always try. My friend was told several times no new characters could be made, then tried at 4am, and was able to bring his character into Balmung. Many have stated they believe when server transfers are up and the server issues are fixed, SE will allow free transfers for a bit to spread out the population. You could always roll those dice and make a character on another server then try to transfer later (2-3 week from what has been said) if the above doesn't work at all anymore.


The servers right now have been in and out or what is more popular is the 1017 error where the worlds are full. Ideally, this will be fixed by or on Monday/Tuesday from what SE has stated.


In the mean time: I'd encourage you to design your character even if you can't put him in-game and if you already have a concept for him/her to check out making a character profile (via the wiki). Just a suggestion in case you get bored.


Btw, nice Noctis picture. I can't wait for FFXV. Bought a PS4 just for it.

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That sounds awesome and thanks so much for the information. It's finally good to hear some news on what is going on with the servers and now I can finally pass on this info. to my buddy.


I will definitely design my character in the mean time. I've always had a concept for him and I can remember drawing the first artwork of Xydane back in my kiddy years in Jr. High. Haha.


I'm really stoked on playing and thanks for the welcome! And yeah, I've been excited for FFXV Versus for quite some time. Noctis seems to be one hell of a character and fighter.

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