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Roleplayers' Guild (Inactive)


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[align=center]Roleplayers' Guild «RP»[/align]

[align=center]The roleplaying company where we roleplay as roleplayers[/align]


Well met, ladies and gentlemen! Before we begin, I would like to clear up any confusion you may have. Some people often wonder, "Ew why such an OOC name for an RP company?" Well truth is, we're quite literal about it.


Roleplaying, as the dictionary suggests, is synonymous with acting. We thought it would be an interesting idea to take this term in-character, and roleplay as roleplayers upon a stage for all of our audiences to enjoy. That being said, we're a 100% community-oriented company. Our greatest goal here is to keep the RP community thriving. 

We hope to become well-known for hosting many public RP events such as theatrical plays and masquerade balls.







[align=center]And so we begin our great tale... upon the whimsical stage of Eorzea[/align]


The Roleplayers' Guild is not much different from say, the Gladiators' Guild; or perhaps the Conjurers' Guild. Each of our members at one point in their lives expressed interest in the theatrical arts, so they sought out the Roleplayers' Guild to improve themselves and have fun. Just like your class guilds, you're not required to attend ours either. As long as you had the interest, and you signed the papers, you're considered a member here until you die or withdraw.


This feature has been introduced to allow players to join our ranks without ever being pressured to do something that they're uncomfortable with. We love having plenty of great people in our small little community, and we know that many people have incompatible characters when it comes to performing on stage. We assure you that it will never be a requirement, though it will be strongly urged and much appreciated. We will definitely need lots of help to perform.


               So how exactly does this all work?


Basically, we have adopted Mih Khetto's Ampitheatre in Old Gridania as our main stage, where many if not all of our theatrical events will take place. On this stage we hope to perform lots of plays such as I Want to Be Your Canary from Final Fantasy IX and the silly Evil Dragon King play from Final Fantasy VII. We may even write our own plays, or perform some from Shakespeare such as Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet. Everything is up to our members decisions.


Unfortunately due to us not actually being actors in the real world, most of our plays will be mostly copy & pasting scripts. However if you're hardcore enough to memorize your lines, I believe that would be a wonderful and very immersive experience. It certainly isn't as challenging as it sounds, especially on our Final Fantasy IX and VII plays.


This of course means that we will be doing plenty of IC rehearsals as well so that we can get some addition RP time and also practice a little bit. We will definitely have to tinker around with macros and emotes to make the plays more immersive and entertaining for our audience. It's definitely going to require a little bit of innovation and creativity. 


Also, in addition to our plays, we'll also be hosting plenty of masquerade balls as mentioned earlier. Characters will attend wearing all sorts of different colored masks and will gather to make new friends. These events probably won't be exclusive to Gridania but we'll see in the upcoming future. Also, there's the idea that we may do some flash acting as I would call it. Breaking into character out of the blue, and causing a scene to gain publicity for whoever needs it. Oh, and lastly but not least, there will be a good amount of fence-like swordplay practicing and special effects magic.


               Will there be any PvE or PvP coverage?


Absolutely, but probably much more PvE than PvP but it all depends on what our members choose to do. Right now it's still pretty early so things are mostly unestablished, but I would like to think our ideal ratio of content will be: 50% RP, 30% PvE, 20% PvP. Though we can't forget about other game activities such as crafting. Again, it all depends.


               What is the backstory for the company?


This is not currently established however we do have plans of being more than meets the eye. There's definitely something major going on "behind the scenes" but we haven't decided yet. Maybe there's a darker side to RPG.

But for now, considering that we're merely a group of performers there's not really many choices for a backstory.


               Awesome, so how does one join this guild?


We believe that quality is far better than quantity, so we are a bit selective with our recruitment. Everyone who joins will be required to abide by the universal laws of roleplaying. Those laws are, as you might imagine: no power-emoting, no meta-gaming, and no god-moding. In addition, we also require that you RP realistically. Above all, we would like you to remain kind and respectful to all other players. And yes, we are LGBT-friendly.


But despite our slightly elitist rules, we're mostly a laid-back group. We just wanna roleplay, chat, and play some Final Fantasy. If you fit in all of the above criteria then we welcome you to join. You can get your invitation without any hassle by responding to this thread, messaging me, or sending a tell to one of our inviters in-game.


Since our members are constantly changing, I ask that you visit our guild page to find our in-game contacts.


http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/freecompany/9232238498621163120/member/ (only Journeymen and up can invite new members)

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Oh.. my... Twelve!


It's Roleplayception!


Reminds me The Secret World, when I suggested our characters have a D&D group... My Illuminati was a Wizard.




I have one character who might be into that... seeing as she tries everything once... but if it's a FC I can't. I'll definitely want to be part of the audience at least!

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Thank you all for taking the time to read through the info. I appreciate your comments :D


@Asyria, Unfortunately we're mostly an FC. We also have a linkshell that goes by the same name however it was initially decided that we will use that for IC purposes. I suppose things could change in the future though. Glad you're interested.


@Rock, Actually FFVI was one of the few main-series Final Fantasy games that I never completed. I was unaware it featured a play. If it's possible, it will be done. Anything to get more FF content in and cause mass nostalgia. Hehe :3


@Remis, Aww sorry to disappoint you =P I didn't think I'd fit in with a world of level 50s. Starting fresh is better for me.


Oh also, I should probably mention that none of this can possibly happen in our guild's current condition. We don't have nearly enough members to start performing these plays. But that's the whole reason I posted this. We'll have enough soon, I hope.

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Great idea, very similar to something Xenedra's Silioquy on Balmung was planning I believe - but that's there, and this is Gilgamesh!

I was going to be joining that troupe, but since there will be one on Gilgamesh, why shouldn't I join yours?


Though through Parker Connor, my main, I will be running my own FC - Wulver's Den - my alt Sigyn Bloebloud, would certainly love to join you if you could ICly convince her (which shouldn't be too hard even with her being quite shy).


Couple of questions:

1) Where will your FC be located, as in which city-state?


2) What IC positions for your troupe are you looking to have filled (if you are)?


Currently my alt is on a Japanese server due to the business with the servers that we're all suffering through. Hopefully I will be able to transfer Sigyn over to Gilgamesh so that she may join you.


Good luck!

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@Lizzo, Oh you're Parker? Oria told me about you before leaving us to join Wulver's Den :D Nice to meet you


1) We will be primarily based in Gridania due to the convenience of Mih Khetto's Ampitheatre. However, being a theatre troupe, I believe it would also be fun to tour to different places around Eorzea. Basically anywhere that has a stage.


2) We don't really seem to have many positions as this is a guild rather than a company or a structured organization. People join as members and contribute in whichever ways they can. We definitely need actors though.

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