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FFXIV Free Form Role Playing


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It's always good to stay within the lore as well and to stay away from using NPCs and the main story plot of the game. I've seen some crazy modding to outright steamrolling which in the end either creates drama or ignoring. Cliques tend to also form and motivated by who interests them the most - if your character is boring or shy, you're most likely going to end up a fish in the sea. (which is where I feel comfortable) Being unique with the character you create can oft be hard to do - it takes time to develop a good character and what you think on paper tends to fall apart once in-game RP experience begins to shape the character naturally. Expect dynamic reactions as planning out RP most often doesn't fall in line with free form. Think of it as a separate genre if you will. I myself tend to like a laid back unplanned natural rp environment, where free form is exactly what I would expect within the confines of the lore - and yet without being down right elitist.

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First off, I like this post!

Alright, on to my thoughts.


I've always enjoyed seeing who my characters become given whatever situation came at them. Eventually I started avoiding RP fighting outright, from all the bad feelings both sides tended to share, as no one really wants to lose.


I can remember one point in particular though that shaped the way I approach RP, which I think fits in well with the idea of it being free-form. I got godmodded. Like... outright facerolled by a paladin who had powers straight out of Naruto. My dwarf had his face shoved into a fireplace during this encounter. Naturally, I was unhappy with how one-sided the whole thing was.


I didn't ignore it though. I didn't pretend that what happened hadn't happened, or retcon it out of my characters history. That character did regrow his beard (because what is a dwarf without a beard?), but I kept the scars. Or, rather, he did. In the end, I was kind of glad for it all, because my character had grown in some small way from that encounter. That little bit of history would follow him until my eventual retirement of his character.


I think that's the key to having an evolving character. They might have been shy, or not. They might have been a nobody, or a somebody. It's how we interact with the world (of roleplayers) around us, and move on from there that really gives them that definition in the end. Free form roleplaying is, I think, the only form of roleplaying that really works in an MMO environment.

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