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Beware of Scam E-mails!


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Although they look legitimate, which is why they fool people, the problem is in the links that are embedded in the message. Depending on your e-mail client and/or web browser if you hover the mouse over the link the true link beneath the text is often visible in the status bar.


For example you might think this link takes you to the BBC News webiste - http://news.bbc.co.uk/ but it will actually take you to Microsoft's website.


If the website the fake link takes you to looks like a genuine Square Enix page you'd be tempted to put your username and password in. After this it would probably show an error or perhaps a message saying they'll looking into the problem. However what you've actually done is given the hackers the details they need to login into your account.

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Got that email yesterday, and it was completely legit on my end (and have seen others get it too).


Couldn't log in (actually launcher would just crash trying to, so instead went to my account and yep, restricted). The plus note on that email is the link you're supposed to follow doesn't ask for your current password and instead just resets it.


But yeah, the best thing to do after finding an email like that is just check your account yourself and remember that apparently with this temporary restriction, SE won't ask for your password.

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Exactly what Mynk said.


I had gotten the same email which i looked at through my phone and proceeded to ignore and possibly delete. But when i got home and decided to get in-game the same thing was happening so i was forced to take it a bit more seriously and check the email out. Turns out it was legit and after the small process i was able to get back on.

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Its important that users do not use their primary game account emails when creating forum accounts or registering on fan pages.  This may be obvious to most of us but there are a lot of new players around who may not know.


Very good advice that, should you have any questions about your accounts, you login to the site yourself rather than using email links.

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It also helps to set up your email client to display all the email data such as the return path and all. I'd tell you how to do it on thunderbird but.. I've forgot and can't find it at the moment. >.> Anyway, if the return path is exactly the same as the displayed email, chances are it's legit.

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