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  1. [align=center]Watch our Free Company Trailer: Here.[/align] [align=center][/align] Features • Rank 8 Free Company • Mumble • Regularly scheduled events: Riddlemeet, Treasure Hunts, Beastling Mania, Starlight Soiree, Chocobo Challenge, Heavensturn Tourney, Combat Training, and more! • Earn medals by completing optional Company Dutys™ and story-themed objectives • Deepen your immersion by learning the company's secrets and unlocking our lore as you rise in the company • Participate in Living Story Events that incorporate your character's past, weaving you into the tapestry of the company's on-going arc • Leave your mark and help shape the company's future • Weekly Relic Weapon Runs, Daily Crystal Tower, and other End Game Sweet! How do I join? Register on www.reachersfall.enjin.com and submit your application today! Kupo!
  2. And just the other day my friends and I were discussing where the "Sexual Content" ESRB comes from. I guess I know why now :blush: It sounds like Miqo'te females are suffering from Twi'lek syndrome.
  3. Hey, welcome to Balmung. After seeing some Miqo'te names, I blindly chose mine, fell in love with it. It doesn't rigidly adhere to the lore, but it's what your happy with that's important. Feel free to engage Theo'vin any time you see him around. He's the dandy with the pudgy puk.
  4. Great intro, and welcome to the community. I'm officially jealous of your graphic settings Looking forward to running into B'roxah in Erozea.
  5. I agree with this completely. No need to rigidly follow the roles handed out to us on the character creation process. If the fighting style suites you and your character in a rough way, feel fee to take the favored components and run with them. For instance, if your character is a hearty healer--PLD would also be the conclusion I would come to. Sure, you're more a tank when it comes to dungeon crawling, but ICly, you're a healer who can take some punches on the field, but who manly tends to wounds in-battle. As Nahv'ir said, "Not everyone in the realm would be an adventurer or follow in the footsteps of combat. There have to be merchants, there have to be farmers, etc." As an example, my character is primarily a merchant. I justify this by focusing heavily on my weaver/botanist jobs. BLM is not a primary identity, but it's something he dabbles in, has affinity for, and has talent for when things get hairy and people need more then their eyebrows singed.
  6. I was researching Roegadyn Sea Wolf conventions for a tank/melee oriented character and came across this awesome site. It hosts an index of Sea Wolf vocabulary to plug-and-play around with different names--and if it doesn't have a word your looking for, I found it a nice guide for adjusting German ones when needed. Spent a good few hours thinking of some possible names to apply to my character. Sorry if this was posted already, or a covered topic, but I thought it was useful and fun none-the-less.
  7. *Mama-Hens her characters and account <.< >.>* [align=center][/align]
  8. Welcome to the forums! Great art, too. Beautiful colors and detail.
  9. Hey, another foodie! Welcome! FFXI was my first MMO--luckily you are starting out on a MUCH better foot than I did. This game is incredible. Good luck on developing your character.
  10. Welcome, Beccy, and best wishes on finding a RP home here. To this day, the FF MMOs have been the most immerse that I've played to date, so I think you're in for a treat The tethering and 'mounting up' idea you brought up raises an interesting subject. Only two MMO's I've played ever facilitated a mount that you actually had to dismount and return to: SWG and Fallen Earth. Being that it was an object you had to keep track of added another sense of 'groundedness' to the game that I always enjoyed. For me, it would be a little difficult to act out in a game that didn't facilitate it, but I definitely know where you are coming from.
  11. Welcome to the forums and Balmung. It's cool to see others who've done "multi-media" rp as well, coming from a tabletop background. I was the kid who always took pretend games in the playground a little to seriously >.>
  12. Completely forgot about it, but I too, did some RPing in AoC (Tempest of Set.) Love the game and the guild cities. It looks like Free Companies will have something similar once SE implements housing. Anyways, welcome!
  13. I noticed this too. It's since improved a little since the updates yesterday, but still. You have to move IMMEDIATELY. Even if your character gets out of the way of the red marking while it's still on the ground and while the mob still 'appears' to be casting, I still wind up receiving damage 25-50% of the time. I'm playing Balmung and am in NA--so lag shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm in your same boat.
  14. This. Is. Precious. Great work on the ears. I always struggle with the interior structure of ears, human, elf, Lalafel alike. We dedicated a day in anatomy class on ear structure, so I guess I'm not the only one who finds them a challenge. Great job here, though. Impressive
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