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New to here and to RP


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Hi! *waves*


I'm pretty new to MMORPGs (dabbled a bit in AION) and completely new to RP. My main character is Mysth Aethernal, a Gridanian Moon Keeper who came to Ul'dah as a refugee.


Her family has always been talented in magic, so she will go for all three DoM, but probably only master one (likely White Mage), all the DoL (Botany and Fishing is in her heritage, and she worked the mines as a refugee) and a few of the DoH (mostly stuff that goes with mages, and real life skills like cooking). As a personality, she's shy and reclusive, and after living as a refugee in Ul'dah, she has also become suspicious. She's vain, and dislikes rain, and will be a typical lazy cat if she doesn't watch herself (especially now when she is Momodi Modi's errand girl, you do not want to keep a Modi waiting).


Due to working in Ul'dah for diurnal people, she has become mostly diurnal, and suffers from insomnia when there's a full moon.


She has a Cait Sith she named Loke that she tries to bring everywhere with her.


And that's all I have planned, and stuff might change in the future, since I want her to develop organically.

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Greetings and welcome aboard. Always good to see those new to RP ready and willing to step in uncharted waters to bring another level to their gaming. Many friendly folks who are more than willing to lend a hand if you seek. Welcome again and enjoy yourself out there.

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