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(OPEN) The Streets of Ul'Dah


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((Open RP to all!))


The marketplace seemed busier than usual as the small Miqo'te female slipped silently through the crowd. The drone of chatter was punctuated on occasion by merchants trying to draw attention to their wares, and the rich smell of food lay like a blanket over everything. The young girl stopped and smiled a crooked little smile...yes, this was the place.


She set a small table up in between two of the quieter stalls, enjoying the coolness of the shade she had found. Upon the table she unpacked three colorfully decorated shells, face down. Cupping one in the palm of her hand she slid it...slowly...across the table's surface. It glid as if on air. Setting them aside she unpacked the rest; a small ball, a basket with a few gil in it, a flask. The latter of these items she sampled deeply before setting it in its place.

'Yes, this will do nicely' she thought, nonchalantly gazing at her oblivious neighbors in turn. Stepping in front of the table, she smiled again. Time to go to work.


"You sir! Yes you! Certainly someone as strong as you has the quick eye to match! Find the ball, simple as that, and the purse is yours!"


A light breeze played with her loose fitting clothing, rippling her skirt and the scarf she wore tied around her head.


"That's ok then, I wouldn't feel right about taking money from your lazy eye!"


Her eyes twinkled with excitement, her lips always in a pleasantly teasing grin.


"Coin is yours for the taking! You just have to follow the ball!"

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The large red-haired Highlander sighed as he walked from stall to stall in the market place-though one could probably confuse almost all of Ul'dah as a marketplace. Atleast he could. Breathing out a deep sigh from his lips as he stood from his crouching position near the base of the last vendor he bothered with checking.


He had hoped that the fact of the merchant carrying some commonplace liqueurs would lead to him finding the specific one he was hunting for. But lo! Luck had not be with him this day.


Twisting himself back into the pathway of the crowd which had been milling about, forming into them like a fish does to water. Moving through the crowd with a steady tread, careful not to brush or knock against anyone. Only wishing to find what he was looking for-though that would not come to be.


As a distinct voice reached the man's ears. Turning to the Miqo'te not far from where he stood within the group of people. Stopping his progress amongst them to look at her over some of the consumers. Not sure if her words were directed to any one being or himself.


Quirking a single crimson brow as he pointed at his barrel chest, clothed in a dark brown tunic. Wondering if her gesture and words were aimed at him or another. Maybe there was someone else whom stopped like he did at her pitch? Maybe there was someone whom she directed this all towards?


Baer had no clue.

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"...follow the ball!"


Her normal routine was to fluster. Basic misdirection, get the brain thinking of a response, a witty retort to hers, anything that distracts them from the task at hand. Following the ball.


So to see the large redhead focus in on her in what seemed to be a calm fashion was a little unsettling. Still, the greater the challenge the greater the thrill.


"Yeah YOU red!" she called pleasently, grinning ear to ear as he pointed to himself. "From the looks of it, you couldn't find find the ball even if they were under all three shells!"


To punctuate that she lifted the little red ball so he could see it, and cocked her eyebrow in a manner that mirrored his own but in a teasingly taunting way. And she hoped he didn't notice her nervous, quick swallow.

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The large man looked a little unfettered for a moment. Showing no signs of reaction; until this crooked-and somewhat offputting grin crossed his face. Burning into his visage like a fiery brand and holding like a scar. It just wouldn't go away. 


"I don't follow ball's, since I got a set of my own on hand at all times." Voice taking on a slightly silly-tone. Which would ring more out of place then most would, since his voice was just too deep to expect a response like that from.


Moving towards the smaller figure whom he had this small little tirade with, sliding out of the crowd carefully. Making sure to not knock into a nearby Roe who had been looking between the both of them. 


Baer just eyed the little Miqo'te, grin still in place. "I'm gonna prove you wrong-and myself at the same time. I'm going to find that ball...or balls. Woe is me if my mother ever heard that." 


The last remark is more rhetorical as he looked upwards for a moment while speaking. Turning his attention back on the catkin. "What's the stakes?" Motioning to the ball with one hand, which she had held up earlier. Not seeming to have paid attention to her nervous reaction-or even saw it! Atleast if he did, he didin't give away what he saw.

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"Oh, you have balls too? Well let's see if mine are bigger" she quipped, and had to bite her lip from keeping her grin from turning into a laugh. The girl turned and picked up her flask, lifting it to him as if in a hello. With a wink she took a drink and in a sing-songy voice gave what seemed like a well-rehearsed introduction.


"Katanyae's the name, Kat for short and Kitten if you're lucky, buy-in for 50 gil but because I like you, let's say 20. The shells will spin, round and round, guess which one holds the ball and you win the purse! Don't and...well, dealer takes all so they say..."


Kat held up the flask again, but in offering. Her eyes studied him, glittering, almost predatory.


"What do you say, Handsome? A drink before the game?"

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The large man just stared at her a moment. That same grin never leaving his face. "Well that's just mean, you hurt me." He says with a tone of mock shock and pain. Putting a large hand to his chest. "Me, cheating you out of money before the game even begins! I will pay the regular fifty." Winks once with one of his big blue eyes. "I'm a terrible gambler." 


Dropping into a sit-so he wouldn't tower so much and be more comfortable at this point. If he had to-he would scoot up closer to where the game would be held. Otherwise he would stay in place. 


Boisterous is what you could say to describe him as she offered a drink. Laughing brightly. "Depends on the kind of liquid you wish me to imbibe." Reaching to his hip where a small pouch (atleast for him) hung, tied to his belt by four strands of thick leather...or atleast it looked like leather. Opening it up with one hand, he began to count out the proper amount to begin the game.


At this distance, she could see that he wasn't the most 'wealthy' looking. Clothed in simple garments. His boots were probably the most expensive looking thing on him-and the silver quons that were braided into his crimson hair. He was rather muscular though, neck was thick, and his bare arms showed the coiled flesh beneath rather easily. Though-he carried no weapon on himself. Maybe a ex-warrior? A laborer? Craftsmen? Hunter? Who know's!


Several moments passed as he pulled out a handful of gil from the pouch, having counted it one-by-one within the pouch. Holding it out to her as his other hand reached for the flask she had offered. 


"And I don't mind losing everything for a good time. Isn't that what gambling's all about?" Referencing her earlier comment about 'dealer takes all'. Giving another playful wink as he took up the flask. If she allowed him to.

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((You're more than welcome to take liberties such as 'takes the offered flask' - he seems like a guy that doesn't ask a lot of permission, and Kat is very reactive. No worries :) ))


Delicately she took the coin and with her other hand pressed the flask into his. Kat's grin returned, and she called over her shoulder as she turned to place the gil in a basket.


"Indeed, that's what it's all about. You'll find the contents..."


She paused as a the coins dropped, , and turned towards him again.


"...quite strong. It might even.."


Kat slowly let her eyes roam over his midsection. Which seemed to be about level with her vision anyway.


"...put hair on your chest."


In spite of herself she did laugh, a pleasant musical little sound not unlike that of the falling coins. Turning her eyes up to meet his, Kat held out the ball and raised the eyebrow above her one deep emerald eye.

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((It's just a very old habit of mine when RP'ing with new people. xD Good to know though! And thank you!))



Taking the flask in his off-hand, he just lifted it to his lips slowly and listened to the catwoman. Halting its progress just a few inches from his mouth. "Can always do with a bit more hair!" Voice taking on a silly tone once more. At her level, she could see that he did have a bit-since the jerkin he was wearing is mostly open in the front. Like a somewhat small forest of red on his chest. Though some of the forest seemed to have been cut away-by what seems a weapon. A long scar disappeared from the furthest edge into the depths of the clothing, only the tip was visible-and it wholly altered a lot of his chest hair.


Finally he took a swig of the fluid with no further ado. Taking a quick gulp of it-not bothering with swishing of getting the to know the taste.


Now his gil-free hand would reach for the ball, taking it and bringing it up to his eyes so he could examine it a little. "Names Baer, by the way..." He say's as he looked over the ball. Stopping his roving eyes on its surface, and took them to the Miqo'te-letting them roam there for a bit. "...Pleasure to meet you, Kat. Or should I say, Kitten? I'm not sure where I stand in this gambler-gamblee relationship."


Taking a few moments before he adds: "Except that I am standing right here." Motioning to the ground with the hand which was holding the ball-Before holding it back out for Kat to collect.

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She snatched the ball back and pointed a finger at him in a mock scolding.


"Kat will work just fine, Red."


The girl turned and placed the ball on the table and covered it with a shell and added, almost at a murmur but loud enough so she was sure he heard, "...for now, anyway."


Humming a tune she went to work. Slowly at first she shuffled the shells, lifting one every so often to show him that the little red ball still existed. The shells glid almost silently, making a rhythmic 'shhhhhhh' sound as they drifted...back and forth...in a circle...figure eight....


"Where's the ball now, there it is..." Kat murmured in between humming, trying to make the act as hypnotic and distracting as possible.


Back and forth....the laugh of a passing shopper...figure eight...the glint of the sun from a far away object...where's the ball now.....


And then it stopped.


Three shells. All in a row.


"Annnnd here we are! Where is that red bastard? I'm sure you followed just perfectly, and such a poor little girl like me can have noooooo chance of fooling such a astute and large male such as yourself!"


Kat chuckled a deep and low chuckle, her eyes gazing at him intently.


"So Red....which will you pick? Choose and lift...."


((I leave it to you to decide if you followed the ball... or missed the ball and subsequently decide there might be deception afoot. :) ))

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After she snatched the ball back, he couldn't help but chuckle very gently under his breath. Hearing her half-whisper as she had obviously wished. She could have easily said it without him hearing. Opening his maw to begin speaking in turn-but was stopped as she begun the game.


At first he watched closely. Eyes focused on the shell. Then looked up at her instead. Unblinking blue eyes focused on -her- and not the -game-. Folding both of his thick arms over his chest as he waited, staring at her. Not focused in on the shells at all. Having given up all willingness to try and track the ball.


Finally when she stopped, he couldn't help but chuckle again at her word's. "Fitting, red bastard." Snickering gently. Looking now at the shells, still having not blinked this entire time. Then looked right back at her. "As with all game's, there is a chance of losing and winning. But this is a gambler's game, and the chances are one-in-three that I get it right, unless you did something dirty and underhanded!" Making a fake gasp. Waving it off with his hand, grinning once more. Obviously not having meant the last bit. "You wouldn't do that, Kat. Too cute, and adorable." Unlike the word's before, he was being honest now.


Then pointed at the middle one suddenly. "Let's say that one for now." Grinning playfully. Not having really cared if he won or lost it seemed, atleast it seemed that way. Picking up the shell slowly with his hand. Revealing...NOTHING!


"D'awwh." He say's after seeing what was under the shell. His tone rather mock-sadness. As he obviously wasn't bothered in the least. A giant smile still on his face.

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Evening was coming. Thank the gods - she inhaled deeply smelling the contrasting odors floating through the city and in particular, the market. The cacophony of scents was almost enough to bring on a headache but not quite. She filtered out what she knew from what she didn't know - fish, breads, spices, sweat, sand. Finely tapered ears twitched under the protection of the pale cowl as the young miqo'te Keeper passed through the bustling crowd toward a shaded area. 


The calls of sellers and brokers became a mild background noise after a time. Seda had found herself a perch atop the edge of a sandstone building corner and leaned comfortably back, watching people come and go. The desert city was splendid with its gilded colors and rich culture but the harsh sun - it made her rather irritable. Golden eyes scanned the newest influx of people in her little corner of the market and she couldn't help but notice the massive red-headed highlander and then the game of chance he had stopped to play. Senses were turned in that direction as she observed - the banter between the smaller female miqo'te and the larger man rising to her ears. The female moved cups across the table but always kept his attention elsewhere. The huntress watched more intently now, amused. This was of course how games were won - distraction, manipulation. Her tail lashed absently a moment before it was still. He had chosen a cup and lifted it - it was the wrong cup but he didn't seem to mind. His outward disappointment was a strange contrast to the tone he used. Why did people do that? Project one thing but mean another? It was something she didn't understand really - it made communication challenging at times. 


The archer continued to watch the exchange with mild interest for awhile longer.

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Setting the shell back down, he just looked at the catkin quietly. Reaching for the coin pouch at his hip once more. Beginning to count out the gil again. "Guess round two is in order." Nothing seemed to dampen this man's spirits as he was rather bright about his recent monetary loss. Stopping for a moment to look behind him for a moment, feeling this weird itch on the back of his neck-as if someone was watching him.


Sure, there was a lot of people in the market's. Someone had to be watching this whole meandering game, and his bulk certainly didin't make him innocuous. Scanning slowly over the crowd, he couldn't really pinpoint anyone in particular. Though he did notice another Miqo off in the distance who had taken a vantage point...narrowing his eyes gently so he could see just a tiny bit better-he realized she may have been looking at him. Or maybe near him. Atleast it looked like she was peering in their general direction?


Raising a hand to rub the back of his neck, he turned back towards the coin pouch and began counting Gil once more. Seeming none the less bothered at this point. Paying close attention would reveal that he was rather tense at this point. Like a coiled spring. Face still rather offputting as it was plastered with a big ol' smile.


Pulling out his hand from the pouch, he held out a handful of the gil to Kat. "Round two? I'm too persistent of a man to stop playing until I have atleast won once. Which at some point-I may need to barter my clothes to you in order to play! Which would lead to you being subjected with my horrendous physique. Be prepared, Kat, be very prepared." Nod's his head with that last part. Pointing at her. Tone playful and jubilant. "You may want to blind fold yourself when it comes to that!" Then begins to chuckle brightly.

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Kat beamed.

"OHHHH, and Red picks an empty shell! Well sir, we know what that means...dealer takes all.", she half sang and motioned to the pile of gil.


His look of mock disappointment said two things to the Miqo'te girl ; that it didn't bother him to lose and that he had gil to spare. So with a smile she began to rummage through a small leather pouch. 


"Well now" she began, trying to stall a bit. "Round two, hmmm? Aha!"


Finally she found what she was looking for. A small black vial. Opening it, she poured a bit of the fine brownish-black powder into her palm.


"Yes, round two. But....what does the dealer gain? I already have your gil." Kat pinched most of the powder between her pointer and thumb, brought it to her nose and sniffed it back. All quick, all practiced, all very very discrete...while he was counting gil.


"Unless of course...." Her eyes followed his around and noticed what appeared to be a Moonie observing from a distance. She winked playfully and turned her attention back to the man that she now called 'Red'.


"Unless of course Red, you'd like to double down...."


Opening the flask again Kat took a deep drink and almost laughed at his clothes statement. She swallowed, capped it, and continued...slipping back into her 'performance' voice.


"Straight bet? Double down? What's your pleasure what's your poison? We're both winners and losers but the fun is in the game, no?"


Turning her eyes back on the other Miqo'te, she added "...blindfold is optional, of course."

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Unaware of her snorting something earlier-the Highlander just chuckled. "Can't tell you what my pleasures are, yet. Barely even know you. You can guess the poisons though. Probably stuff that kills me." Grinning broadly still as he retracted his hand which was holding the gil. Peering into the depths of the bag for a moment. Taking several to think...then just dumped the ones he had counted into its waiting maw.


Closing it up and holding the whole thing out to Kat. "All-in?" Tilting his head to the side. Making the braided blood-red coils atop his head flop to one side. Small jingling sounds coming from the silver quons within the crimson depths of his hair. 


"No blindfold is needed...atleast this time around." Chuckling gently as he held the bag out. Sparing a glance back at the woman who was watching them. Then refocused back on Kat.

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Kat dropped him a wink. "If it'll probably kill you, then you know you're doing something right! I mean...without the threat of death there's really not a reason to live at all. I try to live life to it's utmost potential..."


She reached up and thumped him on his considerable chest three times in a friendly manner to emphasize, while her other hand took the offered bag from his hand


"...and I do so love it."


She paused for a moment seeming to reflect on her statement... and then the smile returned, bright, sunny, and full of teeth.


"All in! ALL IN!" She clapped her hands together in spite of herself. All In? With this gil she could afford to take the week off! Lounge naked in the sun, 'chase Oschon', even go seek more training at the Conjurer guild! Sure, work was work and she loved it, but to not 'have' to set up for a few days...bliss. So a little bit of acting, get the male's brain on HER and not the ball...yes, it could be done.


All of that ran through Kat's mind like a freight train driven by a madman, quickly, more conceptual than solid,and chock full of intent. Running on instinct now she unwrapped her scarft from her head and twirled it, making it rope-like.


"So...what was that about being blindfolded?" she began, looking warmly into his eyes.


"It's only fair, after all. Your gil versus my sight...." trailing off, Kat bit her bottom lip as she tied her scarf around her head as a blindfold....and her senses exploded. Being robbed of sight only magnified her others - namely smell and hearing - and she was in heaven...and the drug certainly was helping.


The world was alive. So very alive with smells and sounds that Kat couldn't help herself but just stand there for a moment and enjoy it.

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Seda remained on her perch awhle - watching the exchange, the friendly banter, between the large man and her brighter counterpart at the stand. He was tense, the smell of it rolled away on the breeze even over all the other scents around her. A passerby wouldn't notice in the least - most people wouldn't notice in the least. Was it that she was watching them, or was there something else hidden there under the surface? Oh the curiosity...


She watched the nimble tongued female shake something from a bottle - a dark brow lifted at the unseen gesture. And then a blindfold was brought out. Oh this was interesting indeed. It was interesting enough to draw the huntress off her chosen vantage point, winding through the crowd with the grace of a lioness on the move toward the game of chance.  Approaching casually, the blindfolded one would scent her long before she arrived - honey and sandalwood. Tufted tail swung lazily behind her as she leaned against the table next to them, much to the chagrin of the marketeer there. She dropped a few gil in front of the chubby sun worn face and plucked a piece of fruit from the stand as she watched the game underway.

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'Red' as he had been dubbed by the catkin, was rather amused as he got knocked in the chest lightly three times. Smiling brightly and shaking his head at her banter. "What doesn't kill you, only makes it more fun." Honesty rolling off his tongue like a lead brick wrapped in granite. Probably hard enough to break anything in it's way-if only it were real.


As the bag of gil was relinquished to the woman, he folded his massive arms over his chest. Grinning gently now, no longer ~just~ smiling. Watching as Kat blindfolded herself. "Well, you won't see me coming then." Snickering gently now. That joke was so horribly overused that I doubt it carried any weight. He should feel bad, but he didin't.


Twisting his head slowly to the side as he caught wind of a most pleasant smell. Bringing his attention upon the peering-woman from earlier who had decided to join them. Giving her a nod of his head in greeting as she leaned upon the nearby table of a merchant. 


Body more tense then it was ever before, now. Turning his attention once more to Kat slowly. "Let us play! Begin the game you fluffball!" Voice once more playful.

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The midlander took place within one areas that provided shadow from the blazing heat that festered within the busy streets of Ul'dah. The pale skin tone standing out amongst the local merchants and adventures of the region - softly muttering to himself. "If it isn't some creature that ends my life. It'll be this damned heat.", 



The sound of the Miqo'te's voice drawing his attention, the pearl white eyes searching amongst the passing crowds for the origin of the excitement. His lips forming a light smile as he looks at the large red-haired highlander and the smaller Miqo'te. Both arms crossing infront of his chest as he admired her confidence in not losing all of her gil.

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Bees and...trees? ....by moonlight the bees with their knees fall on the leaves of the trees....


Why would a swarm of bees be in front of the carpenters shop at night? Somewhere in the distance, almost sounding underwater someone said something about being seen coming...


Just when Kat was starting to question her indulgence, the roaring in her head silenced. Finally she had settled into it. A brief and mild disappointment ran through her, she would have liked to peak a little longer....but there was the job to be done.


Sandalwood. Honey. It was Moonie, the Miqo'te from afar...coming closer.


Kat smiled in her direction and clapped her hands once, held, and then rubbed them together. "Alllll RIGHT! Now we have a game!"


Purposefully she turned to the left and started to feel for the table and her shells. Maybe a little dramatically. 


Kat never likes to be a ham, said no one ever.


"Hey! Someone stole my stuff!!"

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The red haired highlander just stared at her for the duration. Bringing a hand to his face for a moment before shaking it slowly. Having watched her fumble about for her shell's and table, grinning still. 


Leaning forward, one hand moved out to pull up her blindfold for a moment. "Yeah, someone stole your stuff. I got it back for you." Sarcasm. Sarcasm dripping off his word's like sludge off a pier. Trying hard to not burst out laughing at this point. Sputtering every so often due to this.

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Finally knocked out of his near-constant-choke-giggling-stop-snort-fit's, he turned to regard the second newest of people joining them in the small group. Looking the woman over slowly with his blue eyes. Still grinning widely as he motioned with his hand to Kat and then nodded. "It's probably just one of her hidden kink's. Playing games blindfolded in public. Such indecency." Very sarcastic-once more. 


Then turned slightly back and forth-looking between the three Miqo'te now. As one had just announced her presence as well from the crowd, asking about the game itself. "I'm getting swarmed." Somewhat rhetorical remark at this point.

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"What good is a game without players hm?" The roll of her R's was only slightly discernible under the soothing rumble of the alto that came off her tongue. Golden eyes moved between the highlander and the sun-kissed one and her antics at the table. The remnants of the fruit were tossed into a waste barrel as she pushed off the lazy lean at the stall next to them and settled her elbows on the table, hands upturned. Her fingernails were filed to delicate claw like tapers and lacquered a burnished gold. She rested her chin in her hands. "How does your game work with the blindfold on?" A glance toward the latest arrivals with mild curiosity.

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Unlike the red haired highlander he was unable to control himself as he laughed in amused at the scene unfolding at the stall. Stepping away from the shadows of the small alley into the baking sun, a few strays of black hair hanging infront of his eyes. "You'd be suprised on who might have stolen your stuff while you were blindfolded, Miqo'te.".



Most of his attire consisting of a green color resembling the forest of Gridania. A single wooden bow hanging on his shoulder as his fingertips drag along the wall to feel the crude heavy wall as the constant smile remains present upon his lips. The white irises shifting as he observes the peculiar individuals that had observed the stall such as the huntress with the nice smell.

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Looking over now to the midlander whom had revealed himself to the group, talking to Kat and having decided to join them, he motioned him over with one hand. "Reinforcements! Join me my brother! I should not be in this battle alone!" Motioning for the guy to come over with one large hand. 


Giving him a look over quickly, obviously making a few notes of the man's bow. Since it usually denoted a hunter's trade or a professional archer's. Then began to look between everyone once more.

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