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Nyxerys Vigilante


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I. Basic Info


  • Characters:Nyxerys Vigilante, Marie Rembrandt
  • Primary character:Nyxerys Vigilante
  • Linkshells:The Night Shift, HiddenPower
  • Primary RP linkshell:Still looking for one!


II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
    Light-Medium. I really don’t mind Eorzean nomenclature (a Hyur with a Miqo’te name or vice-versa), but you need to have a background or a solid explanation. Example: interracial relationships, mixed ancestry.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    Everything must be discussed OOC before engaging in this kind of RP activity. If the RP leads to an arch-nemesis stance, we could always integrate PVP aspects as long as we discuss what we are going to include or exclude.
  • Views on IC romance:
    This could be an amazing aspect of RP or another Drama Central/Station. If someone wants to engage in a romantic relationship with my character, let me know OOC before doing so. If you have like 10 slaves or a personal harem, I’m not your choice. I enjoy challenges, so expect to be tested several times. If it is pure romance, I will get bored. It’s nice to travel every now and then or dream of the unknown, but I prefer down-to-Earth relationships/interactions. If romance leads to new things, there must be chemistry.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    Please discuss OOC before yelling at me “I’m your x, y, z.”
  • Views on lore:
    Eorzean lore feels incomplete, but it’s getting there. I do enjoy several linguistic/historical facts within the game. The usage of Classical Languages (Latin,Greek) is formidable and if you spend too much time with me, you will notice I will try to translate/describe every single detail I notice. Also, the recreation of several historic names (Nero, Livia, Gaius) and Ancient Roman military remarks (eques, legio, hoplomachus, laquearius, sagittarius, etc.) will serve as a OOC topic if you’re interested in Ancient World History.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    /say – Normal chat
    /linkshell – Endgame Activities.
    /tell-Specific things
    /say – public RP
    /ls- Group RP
    /tell – OOC matters/specific IC RP


III. Other Info

  • Country:US
  • Timezone:EST/ GMT -4:00
  • Contact info:Let me know you're from RPC. Skype: moonlepsy

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