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  1. Arkghyom

    discussion Alternate RP Server

    That's because HRC is not the only RP hub. There are other hubs that appeal to different styles of RP.
  2. As we're currently hosted on AWS, it makes little sense to move off that architecture. Especially with the amount of data that would need to be moved off the servers. (The wiki alone is about 53GB. ...and that's just images). I believe RPC's normally used AWS's reserved instances options, which offer us more than good enough performance for the site at a very affordable cost! Ok then! I was just curious about it.
  3. Have you guys considered other alternatives like DigitalOcean, for example? Just curious.
  4. Arkghyom

    XIV Updated - SoF Nerfed!

    What's with this game and nerfs? At this point, Hello Kitty Online will become more of a challenge than FFXIV itself!
  5. Arkghyom

    Eorzea Cafe YP Interview

    Alliances? I hope he's talking about GvG because this game needs something else other than an excuse of a PvP system and repetitive raids. I hope the GvG system works like War of Emperium (Ragnarok Online) because back in the day it was really fun and challenging.
  6. Arkghyom

    Tarot and You?

    As an avid tarot reader, I would like to know the equivalence of the system you guys implemented.
  7. Arkghyom

    Balmung is open!

    You have to keep trying.... So close!
  8. Arkghyom

    Flirting techniques - inspiration and referencing

    Flirting? What for!
  9. Arkghyom

    Are NA servers the only RP servers?

    I've found my fair share of RPers on Ragnarok, but it's not the same as Balmung/Sargantanas, for example.
  10. Arkghyom

    Anime/Manga General

    Well, it's your typical transition manga. It tries to detach from romantic values trying to be realistic. When I watched it years ago it was ok, but now that I've watched it again I can re-identify certain archetypes and literary devices. I don't want to say it's one of the best anime I've seen in years, but I can cope up with its slow pace and character development. Also, the panoramic devices employed in the anime are really charming. It has that romantic perk I've always been fond of.
  11. Arkghyom

    The "Shipping" Thread

  12. Arkghyom

    Anime/Manga General

    I was re-watching Monster the other day. Nice manga and decent adaptation! msTB5r8nUHU
  13. Arkghyom

    The "Shipping" Thread

    It's Super Effective!
  14. Arkghyom

    Hotties of Eorzea 2016 Calendar

    Kitty is sleepeh~ Ready for a new day!
  15. Arkghyom

    Tumblr Balmung RP Event Directory

    Interesting. Will check this out!