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Accept the proposed charter as is?  

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  1. 1. Accept the proposed charter as is?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Cas is so sexy that I want to rip his clothes off (other YES).
    • Anarchists unite! Down with the RPC! (Other NO).

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Okay, time to get this vote underway since the discussion thread is more or less dead now. Please note that this is NOT a discussion thread. It is a vote. Any suggestions for changes will be ignored unless the charter does not pass, in which case we will take into consideration the suggested changes and hold a new vote. Please point out a typo though if you see one >.>


Poll closes in the usual 7 days.


Proposed charter is as follows:


I. Definition:


The Roleplaying Coalition (RPC) is a group of role-players for the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. The coalition consists of various role-play linkshells, supporters of role-play, and freelance role-players. All of these groups and individuals are committed to making a prosperous role-play community in the world of Hydaelyn.


II. Structure:


The RPC holds no real authority outside of site and forum management. The extent of the RPCâs power includes banning extreme problem members from the forums and/or dropping support for a RP linkshell in extreme cases of linkshell misbehavior. Dropping support for a RP linkshell means that the group will lose any and all advertisement within the RPC and will not be invited to RPC sponsored events.


Dropping support for a RP linkshell requires two things. First, the RPC Council must hold a vote of no confidence. Afterwards, there would be a public vote in the Pub section of the forums. If both the Council and public agree, the linkshellâs advertisements will be promptly removed by administration.


The RPC Council is comprised of all of the various RP linkshell leaders. Each linkshell is allowed to appoint up to two members to the position. They may alter their representatives at any point in time for any reason.


The RPC Council has the following responsibilities/powers:

1. Assisting in large-scale event planning such as the Epic and Eorzean Olympics.

2. Discussing inter-linkshell disputes, relationships, and so on through occasional meetings.


III. Purposes:


A) To provide a central hub for all FFXIV role-players to gather, communicate, and share with one another. The RPC acts as a resource for lore and etiquette, character info, and other RP related needs while also acting as the bridge between RPers and non-RPers.


B) To provide a central location for role-play linkshell advertisement.


C) To select a designated role-playing server.


D) To create and advertise cross-linkshell and public events.


E) To act as a mediator in linkshell conflict only when absolutely necessary for the continuation of the overall role-play community.


IV. Acceptance criteria:


All role-players are automatically welcome into the RPC so long as they abide by RPC standards. Role-play linkshells are accepted into the RPC if they wish, as long as the following criteria are met.


1. The linkshell must have some form of RP element to it.

2. The linkshell must consist of at least 3 members.

3. The linkshell must be respectful of the overall RP community.

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I'm going to call it. 7 days is way too long for a vote nowadays and we'll likely never have one that long again. And we really need our full attention on server selection for these next several days anyway. Plus, I don't see how it's possible for this to be voted down at this point.


I'll put up the new charter to the main site in a bit.


Regarding the single anarchist amongst our ranks...I'm paying the Slaughterhouse Dogs a considerable amount to "deal" with it. *Glances menacingly at Satrina*


Those who didn't vote for my sexiness will be shipped out to Seren Point, which is secretly a boot camp. You will come to know and accept my sexiness :twisted:

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