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RPLoreArcEvent in the works


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Hello everyone, I am an antagonist of sorts and am starting to go to  work at being one xD, currently I am formulating a plot that I hope will be fun, interactive and definitely give everyone some good rp to go on.


http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=3870 that link goes to the thread I have regarding the things my character has done. Right now I am slowing moving the gears forward and my latest post is a speed increase I guess. As time progresses things will shape up and eventually reveal itself, what i want to accomplish is create an evil rp event in which i hope many people will take part in, in order to stop my menacing plan xD. However to do so I need to present an ample amount of info and intrigue to get people to want more and join. I plan to make this rp arc all encompassing meaning no matter what kind of FC/LS you are in everyone will share this lore within their group as a sort of canon/reference.


(gonna take quite a while for me to plan stuff out so there are no times or dates as of now just keep track of my linked thread. Also I will clarify that this rp lore arc doesn't mean that if you participate, that this event changes any of your already set and established group lore it is something that can and prolly will be used for future arc events and is a fun way to build a connection with other groups IC and OOC who participated. I think I made sense in all of that, please if you have any questions, advice or suggestions please let me know so i can update this appropriately and clarify things. I am aware of gripes people have with overall bad rp villains and the methods about them but I am very accommodating, as long as the rp gets from point A to B I am more than happy to make changes in between so everyone can have a good time .Thanks for giving this a read and I hope you are all ready for what will go down cause it will go down and hopefully be in epic final fantasy style xD.)

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