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Backstory question


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So I haven't gotten to involved in RP on FFXIV yet, and I am an experienced Roleplayer from forum based to 8 years of WoW RP... but I wanted to check with the community before I get too set into my character.


This is what I have for her backstory so far.


Kieaira Nightsong did not grow up as most other Keepers of the Moon. Her mother died shortly after childbirth, and her father had died a few months prior in a tragic battle. Having no other kin to care for, she would be left for dead in the middle of a forest.


As luck would have it however, an older Hyur gentleman happened across the babe in the arms of the dying mother, and without hesitation he accepted the babe with the promise to raise her as he would his own child, and so it came to be that the young Miqo'te would be raised by an elderly Hyur couple.


The couple had already been married for thirty some odd years, but sadly had never been able to conceive a child of their own, so to them, this young Miqo'te child, was a blessing sent to them by the Gods.


Nineteen years later, Kieaira would be struck with tragedy when the Hyur couple took ill, and unfortunately passed away. It was then that Kieaira would take her first steps out into Eorzea as an adventurer, heading off into the horizon to make a name for herself, but never forgetting the parents who raised her.


So my question is ... would this be at all plausible? For a Hyur couple to raise a Miqo'te child. I tried to find out when the Miqo'te first met the Hyur to see if it would work ... but didn't have much luck lol.


Thanks for any responses!

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In short, yes. Totally plausible.


For a bit more of an indepth answer...


There are likely some things the Hyur couple would have to take into account, as far as raising a Miqo'te child. Feeding habits, that sort of thing. IT's nothing consulting an adult Miqo'te wouldn't have fixed.


As far as when the Miqo'te and Hyur encounted eachother? Long ass time ago. Like.. Looooooong time ago. We're talking Native Americans migrating in from Europe, across Alaska and Canada long ago. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, as that's purely based off interactions in game. The Miqo'te don't seem at all nervous about being around Hyur and Roe's and Lalafel and such, nor do any races seem nervous about them roaming around doing Miqo'te things. No one's clinging desperately to their balls of yarn. ^.~ Which, to me, says they've been coinhabiting their continent for quite some time now.

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