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Khyros Oroban


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I. Basic Info


  • Characters: Khyros Oroban
  • Primary character: Khyros Oroban
  • Linkshells:  None as of yet
  • Primary RP linkshell: None as of yet.


II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-Heavy. I'm not in character 24/7 because sometimes I like to enjoy the game as a game, obviously. But long term, internally consistent storylines are what gets my blood singing, so I enjoy engaging in roleplay and taking it seriously with that in mind.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm all for them, I suppose. Combat-wise, I've never been a fan of actual PvP deciding roleplay scenario combat, since it's always...well, skewed. One person might play a lot more, or be better at the game, or the game itself might be horrifically imbalanced (Case in point, I played a Ragnarok Online Roleplay server where all in character combat was settled through in game PvP, and that game is...balance challenged, shall we say.). I'm more amenable to rolling when it comes to RPPvP combat, but even then it can be troublesome, since adding that much of a random element can make things haphazard at best. Since it's essentially mutual storytelling, I tend to agree with the person I am engaging in RP with to do it through emotes. Of course, that includes making sure to avoid the sticky topic of Godmoding, by which I typically tend to make attack emotes more suggestive rather than descriptive. Along the lines of describing the attack and the intent, and letting the recipient decide on the actual effect. As for injuries, I've had my share of those in my time. Broken limbs, bruised organs, even lost digits and eyes here and there. (And once upon a time died.) Of course, serious injuries and beyond are something agreed upon by all parties, or else it defeats the purpose of collaboration.
  • Views on IC romance: I have no issues with IC romance. Just like any sort of involved RP, it can involve drama, that's true. And like any other sort of long-term RP, it can involve people having their lives interfere with their RP lives. But despite any negatives, it -can- be an extremely potent motivator and agitator for RP. Like everything, done well it can be wonderful.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Something I've done many times in the past (Just not on this character.), I've had people RP siblings, aunts/uncles, children, even things like sworn brothers. (Can't go wrong taking precedents from Guan Yu, right?) It's just another layer of resources to fall back on when crafting stories, so it's A-Okay in my book.
  • Views on lore: I'm the sort who'll sit and read the lore just for fun, and do my damnedest to make sure that what I write fits in with it. I scoured wikis and game info while answering the 100 questions about your character bit to make sure that my answers fit the setting, timeline, and even naming conventions. I decided a childhood Lalafell friend would make sense in Ul'dah, so I had to look up naming conventions for them, their unique vowel usage, and make sure that the kid's name was the right phonetic setup. This stuff is serious!
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I tend to see /say, /party, and emotes as the primary RP in my views, with shouts and tells being more slanted toward OOC (though in group situations, tell is a marvelous mechanism paired up with an emote for whispering to a specific person.)


III. Other Info

  • Country: US
  • Timezone: EST
  • Contact info: Oroban here, Khyros Oroban in game, and I can hand out skype/email as well if I deem it necessary.

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