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Howdy, Howdy!


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Howdy there, neighbors!  I figured it was about time I introduced myself and such, seeing as how I was at the Gala on Saturday! 


Well, I'll just run through the template since I'm not near as creative as Rox was!


MMORPG Background


Well I've dabbled in several popular MMO's as well as several lesser known ones (which more than likely no longer exist).  I never really kept count and most never kept my attention past a month.  Let's just say that a great storyline will keep me involved for quite some time.


RP Experience


I first started RPing with some Star Wars pen and paper, tabletop adventures with some friends back in High School (Nearly 10 years ago).  During those years I was also an active player in my HS Drama Club (turns out most of us were pretty nerdy).  I've done a few forum RP sessions (only one really turned out fairly decent).  Some work friends of mine just started up some DnD that I am involved in.  In our first battle, I nearly died as I took a bottle of fiery acid stuff to the face.  I suppose I was a little ahead of myself as a Half-Orc Warrior.  And that's about it for my RP experience.


Character Ideas/Info


What I have right now is pretty limited.  I'm working on that 100 Questions list from hell.  It gets my brain workin', so it's not too bad.


E'khei Balduin is a young Paladin from the Free Company "Serious Business" (Not an RP FC, just FYI).  He is also a member of the Immortal Flames.  His father was a miner, now retired.  His mother died when he was young.  He is stationed in Coerthas and gets sent to social gatherings by his commander to become more sociable. 


And that's what I have so far.


How did you learn about the Coalition?


First, I heard that Balmung was the Unofficial RP world.  This was during Beta 4.  The group I play with had long since chosen Balmung as our server, so it worked out quite well.  I was curious after that and browsed the forums and found the site and such from there.  And here I am!


What kind of Role-player are you aiming to be?


Well, considering my work schedule...it would be light during the week and mid to heavy during the weekends.  Once I finish the storyline and max out my first class, I expect to be more active.  But, I am sort of a "fly-by-the-wire" guy when it comes to RP, so I tend to roll by myself and shy away from other's RP.  If I could find a good group to hang around with I'd likely be more active with it.


Other Stuff


I'm currently in the US Air Force and I work typically 3PM to 11PM.  I load munitions on the F-22 Raptor.


And so that's it!  I look forward to seeing you all and taking on whatever Eorzea has to throw at me!


~E'khei Balduin

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Hey, Everyone!


E'khei here! Haven't been around in a long time and I probably still don't know any of you! But that's OK! I've finally returned and currently have lots of free time to do things. Too much free time really.


So much free time, that I'm finally going to finish up that 100 question shenanigans, even if it's only for my own benefit! Hooray! I'll post it wherever when I'm finally finished. There is /one/ update to the above stuff, though.


No longer in "Serious Business". Now a member of "The Lucky Bastards". Probably come up with good reason for it.


That's about it!

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