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  1. To add a brick to the wall, you can yet create characters from scratch on Balmung, the only requirement you need follow being that of creating your character very early in the morning. And I mean really early. Welcome to the RPC!
  2. Main Character's Name: Kahn'a Ohditra Server: Balmung Brief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: RPC Wiki Usually online between: GMT+1 ~ 5 to 10PM on weekdays. Intensity: Heavy
  3. [video=youtube] I've pretty much bothered the shit out of everybody I know with this guy's work.
  4. [video=youtube] ...but you must listen to all of it, really. Trying to wrap my head around Miqo'te lore lately, I find that this soundtrack portrays the best my headcanon of what isolated Miqo'te clans can do in terms of music. Lots of drums, flute and some vocals. It's just really nice to chill to. Listen to it.
  5. For all the shades and unsavoury types Buscarron's Druthers was known to shelter, inside its crude enclosure reigned an air of unlikely peacefulness. Forlorn soldiers, adventurers on the wander and even gentlefolks venturing far from Gridania for a thrill, all clung around the used tables, all clunked their tankards together, all managed to relate and connect in some way, drinking and laughing under the vigilant eye of the owner. Kahn'a was not foreign to that warm atmosphere. It smelled of ale, of earth, of simple comradery, and it carried enough of his memories that his mind, in just a
  6. [video=youtube] That discussion about Ul'dahn dancers reminded me of this.
  7. I have no knowledge whatsoever on the RP landscape of the Chaos Datacenter, however I can share my two-year experience playing the game on Balmung from Europe. The problem one is exposed to when playing from such a long distance is twofold. First, the connection to Aether is a distant one. This implies that routing failures and network maintenances are more likely to affect it. Then, there is latency. Using skills, moving around, dodging enemy casts, basically anything done in the game that requires a server response will take more time on Aether than on Chaos. However... I have
  8. Collaborating with Arik over a commission was very fun and felt really rewarding as they were very attentive to any feedback on the preliminary sketches. 10/10 would throw my money at again!
  9. Interested, oh yes! Kahn'a is a late soldier for the Flames. Though not technically part of the law-enforcement in Thalanan, any threat/"threat" —as minor as somebody trespassing or dealing in prohibited goods— must be dealt with. Coming from a secluded clan of traditionnalists, he too approaches the more lively areas of Eorzea with a squinting eye, yet has already started to adapt to their lifestyle. He still values home and its teachings much above those of the space he now occupies, and longs to return but will not do so until the task he was sent for is complete, not to count that he
  10. Quite the old screenshot but... I like my friends, and they like me back. Just when I'm not watching apparently. (YOU'LL RECOGNIZE YOURSELVES!)
  11. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/698c850782604a0ce8d7a7a4bb7aff5b99d9fb32 Rejoice fellow AST, your time (hurr) has come!
  12. Main Character's Name: Kahn'a Ohditra Brief description/Link to Wiki: Click here! Usually online: 8am—11am and ~6pm—1am GMT+2 on most days. Intensity: Heavy RP.
  13. BRD main over here. Wanderer's Minuet So I know it is pretty much the epicenter of the BRD controversy right now but I like it. Thematically, an archer that takes time to aim and shoot is just right to me. I'd even put myself at risk in saying that people complaining about the loss of that mobility are...a little bit lazy. You really don't need to move that much in a fight. In fact, the less movement, the better. Empyreal Arrow As cool of a skill as this one is, it feels a tiny bit awkward to use. Despite being a Weaponskill, it doesn't share a GCD with the rest of the BRD's kit,
  14. The short answer is yes. But because everybody is very much engrossed with exploring the new expansion content thoroughly and have thus cast RP aside for a few days, we're, after discussion, very much inclined to accept you in our fold right now and give everybody some more time to enjoy the game before the RP resumes.
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