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Villains/Antagonists/and Anti Hero's alike present yourselves


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Hello every one not sure exactly if there is a thread like this already but here we go. This thread is going to be somewhat of a database for people to search for Rper's who have chosen to become the unsavory individuals of the world. If anybody ever needs that tension unknown factor in their rp this will be thread you can acquire one at hope this helps. Now for how the villains or however you designate your character archetype  present yourselves it is rather basic and straight forward I will start off.


Name: Andras Goetia

Type: Anti Hero/Antagonist

Specializations: Assassination, Sabotage, Intelligence gathering/Espionage

Personality: Calm, Calculating, Ruthless (when need be), Whimsical (given certain situations), Social, Rare and random occurrences of volatile actions


Best Suited For: My character is best suited for people who need a force to combat/outsmart/ do some dirty work or even just have a complete unknown factor in your midst.



Concerning those worried that their will be a disruption of your already established lore, I am more than happy to adapt to a variety of scenarios and situations so we can all have a fun time.



Can you kill my character: No (Can be injured, given to authorities among other things that all depend on the given scenario)


Reason (Optional): I am currently working on an event in which in which I hope my character will be interacting with a multitude of RP Free Companies/Linkshells, given any person or guild who may join in on this who has used me before will cause problems seeing as how they killed me technically so the event can't really work out with 20 people saying they killed me XDDD. I mean while there are ways to go around it I feel that just not having my character be killable a simpler option and has less hassles.


So there you have it, if any villains wish to add more in their own post you are more than welcome to, I hope this gives you all at least somewhat of a template to go on. For those who want to contact a villain you can go through pm or in game message. Thanks for reading and I hope this will help keep many Rp's engaging and certainly entertaining as time goes on, Have fun everyone :moogle:

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Darien's still a little bit in flux for a few reasons. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with him, but I'm generally good to just go with the flow.


Name: Darien Cadell

Type: Antagonist/Villain (not a lot of heroism of any sort in here)

Specializations: Wetworks (i.e., a hitman, the bloody stuff, especially taking care of whole groups at a time), thievery (petty theft through grand larceny), dealing in illicit drugs, and generally the things others are just too squeamish to do.

Personality: Laid back, casual, curious, narcissistic, greedy, sarcastic, snarky, utterly amoral.


Best Suited For: Burning down orphanages, i.e. that stuff that needs to get done but even the usual criminal wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Sending messages -- the kind of crime (murder or theft) that leaves a mess for the general public, but leaves no witnesses of the act itself.


Can you kill my character?: No. For now. But taking him down, making him suffer justice, getting close to death without crossing the line, that's generally fine.

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Name: John Spiegel

Type: Anti Hero (specifically Byronic hero)

Specializations: Fighting... like a lot... with big weapons and unconventional tactics (ORANGES!).

Personality: Introvertedly extrovert, silly, serious, calm, crazy (he spans the spectrum)


Best Suited For: He follows his own moral code, as a result some of his actions might be looked upon dimly by his peers.




Can you kill my character: Nah, JJ's too hard to kill.


Reason (Optional): I've written JJ to be pretty much a good guy, but he's done very bad things and his actions blur the lines of good and bad at times. He's rather anti-establishment and social structures and the sort. He's not the sort to bother anyone that ain't bothering him or innocent folk.

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Name: Bhara Bremnwyb

Type: Villain (Please feel free to use her in your backgrounds, just let me know.)


Specializations: Dismemberment, Interrogations, Torture, Extracting Information

Personality: Introvert, Quiet, Wise, Opportunistic


Best suited for: Tragedy that filled your past? Or perhaps a masked someone wronged your sisters fiance's nephew and left him only one handed? Removing limbs, or fingers, or eyes, Bhara is your woman.


Can You Kill My Character: Possibly, but I will still find a way to use her as a NPC in the future. This would require a lot of RP leading up to killing her, I am not going to make it easy! This would have to develop over months of interaction, not just a one-time thing.


Previous Appearances: A heavily armored, olive skinned, Roegadyn woman with a large ax, dressed primarily in orange. In earlier days, over two decades ago she was known as a pirate. 


Future Appearances: To be developed.


Please invite me to your OOC linkshell to chat!


Bhara Bremnwyb

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Name: Erik Lossart

Type: Anti Hero/Antagonist

Specializations: Large scale destruction, intimidation, mercenary work, bounty hunting, the Dark Arts.  Anything that doesn't require a large degree of stealth or suberfuge, which he regards as too much effort.

Personality: Sarcastic, surly, lazy, greedy, amoral, arrogant, & fiercely protective of his hat.


Best Suited For: Erik is a mercenary, one who openly advertises the fact that he's a Black Mage.  Usually this is met with a nervous smile or outright laughter, considering he uses it to charge more for his services.  The laughter dies however, when the scrawny man blows a hole in a fortress wall during a fit of rage.  Erik's best use in antagonistic roles is as a contracted hitman or mercenary pursuer, though he isn't above bounty hunting if the coin's good.




Can you kill my character: No, although he can be injured, bribed or fled from as the situation warrants

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