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A Bank Error in your Favor [9/14/13 @ 19:00 EST]


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The Salts of Rhotano: company.events\\MARKET DAY




Date: 9.14.13

Time: 19:00 EST

Duration: 1~2 hours

Location: Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks – East Hawkers Alley @ Mender NPC



Due to a supplier error in their favor, The Salts of Rhotano Inc. have found themselves with a surplus of supplies for this fiscal period. There are materials from every profession, whether you are a disciple of land, hand, war or magic, there is money to be made. Profits to be pocketed. Armor to be acquired. Weapons to be whittled from the withering scraps found along a wanderer’s way. . . All sorts of things to be sure.


Sterne Evans has determined it absolutely crucial they consume and turn a profit from all these materials before their vendor can catch the error of their ways. Underhanded, maybe, but there’s an undeniable sense of urgency in Sterne’s voice over the company linkpearl. He’s called his heavy lifters, salesman, crafters and the warriors in his employ to make this day happen with as little financial loss and as much gain as possible. What could drive him so? What crisis unknown could be centered on the fore-front of his mind? What could give him such sudden tunnel vision?


. . . “A day’s pay and a bonus are in it for all employees who are contribute to the effort today. If you chose not to – then don’t expect a position upon our return.”
And then the linkpearl falls silent. . .





Company members will gather at Wine Port at 18:00 EST to load up our Chocobos and move across Eastern La Noscea to Limsa Lominsa proper.

Once at Limsa Lominsa proper, the RP is will continue; however, once there it will also coincide with our Non-RP company event "Market Day"; a time to trade, empty inventory space and potentially make an in-game profit. You are /not/ required to donate, spend or give physical items and Gil. If you wish to do, please send a /tell or speak in [ . . . ] brackets to indicate an OOC transaction.

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