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Hello! Looking for some Night Owls!


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Hey folks! Just ordered my copy for PS3 today, it's in the mail.


I won't bore you to tears with the tale of how difficult it was to find a solid copy of the game in Japan since everyone over here is going nutso getting their hands on every box on the island, but needless to say I was happy to shell out an extra $20 for one of the last copies I could find online before the prices get gouged even higher.


... now the real irony will be if they re-open digital downloads before I get my physical copy. I may weep.




The name is Getsuya! Though the name I have planned for the my main, that handsome young fellah in my avatar, is Tatarin Totorin. He will be my main on Gilgamesh once I finally get my hands on the game. I intend for him to be an Arcanist-Scholar though with a lot of focus on crafting as well (not sure what I want him to craft yet but I have a few days to decide).


Since I live in Japan my hours are kind of strange, so I'm hoping to find some English-speaking players who like to burn the midnight oil.


I'm very interested in organized groups such as families or guilds and the kind of dynamic that brings to RPing, so I'd love discussing such things before I create a character with anyone so inclined. I also believe I will take my RPing beyond the game itself in the form of journals and in-character discussions in forums and such.


I hope to make some wonderful friends here! Even if you can't get on at the same time as me due to the huge time difference I'd still love to chat with everyone here on the forums.


Please take good care of me!

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Hello and welcome!

Glad to see you have your sights set on Gilgamesh as your new home.

There are a lot of us night owls in the OOC coalition, though at the moment it's filled to capacity. I believe the Limitless Sky linkshell  is open but is for IC only and filling up fast. Do not despair though, there are whispers of a third RPC linkshell that may be coming soon.


Feel free to add Morelle Noire to your friends list for some rp. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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