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Of thieves and airships [Closed]


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Here is the story of Valentyn Hartstrong and how his life lead him to become the captain of the airship known as The GoldenMyst.



Chapter 1

What rich men don't know..


"Now don't go doing anything that I'll have to kick yer arse for later boys. Let's go." The gruff voice of the Roegadyn held a slight tone of humor to it as he spoke to the five beside him. These were members of the Thieve's Guild known as Rosa.


Garlden was their leader. He had been a thief all of his life, and was like a father to those who chose to become part of the "family." He had just finished briefing that evenings mission to the party. It was a house owned by a rather wealthy man by the name of Brentin. The job was simple, too. Get in, steal three of the chests he kept in his basement, and get out. The reason that this job had been chosen was because Brentin wasn't the most perceptive of men. He had probably long forgotten how much riches he owned, nor how many chests within his basement there were that contained said riches.


Pimm, the only Lalafell member of Rosa, had worked out that three chests were the most they could get away with if they didn't want any trouble from Brentin or his men. Now, normally Rosa wasn't afraid of a few scuffles, but it was the first real job for one of their members. He had come of age and it was decided they'd test his skills out on an easier job than they'd normally do.


"Vale. You ready?" Garlden placed a large hand upon the small shoulder of a blond-scruffy haired boy who looked to be no more than the age of twelve. The boy nodded in response, with a large grin on his face. Vale had been adopted into the family around the age of four, but had never done one of these jobs. He had helped with the occasional mission on the road, stealing from a carriage, etc. but this was completely different. Going into someone's home unseen was a lot tougher than just mugging a solo traveller on the road.


"Let's go." The Roegadyn nodded and went to the small hidden entrance to a tunnel he and the family had been working on for the past week which would lead directly into Brentin's basement. From there all they'd have to do is grab the chests and get out without making any noise.


They made their way inside. Pimm and Wedge, a tall male hyur, stayed just by the entrance to the tunnel on lookout while the others went on through. It was a dark (as any light may have given away the fact the tunnel was there) and long tunnel. Probably ten minutes worth of sneaking to get to Brentin's basement. The time passed without any problems, and soon enough the three of them were inside.


Above them, orchestral music could be heard. It seemed there was another party being held, which was Brentin's weekly favour to the noble-classes.


"This'll help us out nicely. Still, don't get making any unnecessary noise Vale." The boy nodded in response to Garlden as the other male hyur in their trio went over to where the chests were. It would probably take several hours to count how many chests filled with some form of riches were there, so Pimm's judgement had been correct.


"Biggs, that one on the left is yours. Vale, that one on the third row in the middle is your one." Garlden went over to his chest on the right. If they picked chests spaced out there'd be even less chance of it being noticed. Biggs grabbed his chest and lunkilly carried it back into the tunnel to meet the others. Garlden grabbed his and easily rested it up on his shoulder. Vale meanwhile was grabbing the chest pointed out for him. He was quite nimble so getting up to it was easy. His strength, on the other hand? It took him a while to successfully get a hold of the chest and pull it down... on top of him. There was a thud, followed by an "Oof!" but it wasn't loud enough to cause alarm. Garlden lifted the chest off of Vale and handed it back to him when the bnoy managed to get back up onto his feet.

"It's heavy, but you'll get used to it." he laughed gruffly and made his way out of the tunnel followed showtly by Vale.


It took around twenty minutes for the boy to make it out of the tunnel with the chest, but the job had been done. The entrance was covered up again and not long later Rosa was back at their hidden base.


The three chests were laid out next to each other on the floor and each of the three thieves were given a crowbar to pry them open. Garlden managed to do so first, revealing a nice stash. It wouldn't last them terribly long, but it was enough for a couple of weeks. Biggs was next, opening his to a pretty similar haul. Finally, Vale opened his slightly smaller chest to reveal several weapons.

"Huh.." Garlden looked at the chest. "Well, it's not going to buy us any bread, but we can make good use of it." He laughed, patting Vale on the back pretty hard which almost knocked him over. "Now you're official!" The boy looked up to Garlden with a grin. "Yeah!"


End of Chapter 1

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