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  1. I approve that THERE WILL BE NO PK. I wonder how the Black Shroud redesign will work. Like, more open spaces over winding paths?
  2. Full Name: Valentyn Hartsrtong Age: 17 Gender: Male The gender you prefer for your date: Female~ Your interests: Treasure Your dislikes: Crabs What you look for in a date: Someone adventurous, up for new things, and preferably very pretty.
  3. Problem fixed! I had to wipe the entire game from my PC. All folders, shortcuts, etc. And reinstall.
  4. Hey all! For those that know me: 'sup?! For those that don't? Hi. You may have noticed I've not been ingame lately. The reason is as such: I've had this instead of "Play" for the past three weeks. I've petitioned, called, reinstalled, restarted, changed languages, and everything else SE has said is a "fix." They've now said I have to wait for a patch, which was fine until I discovered the new festival wasn't a patch. Just an update. If anyone has had this issue and fixed it, I'll greatly appreciate it! Love, The Sky King.
  5. We're open once more for applicants! Crew size has been increased too, so anyone interested feel free to apply via our site!
  6. Update: This group is now open for applicants. It's a work in progress as the aim of it is to be a COMPANY. But we have a while before that, so why not get the Rosa community going (and growing) while we wait? http://rosa.guildlaunch.com Go~ http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1725 -- RPC discussion for Rosa is here.
  7. Veedo


    Navei, Vale, and Faulgnor: "Oh hey, look! A interesting monster! Let's go take a pic!" "..." "Totally worth it."
  8. Here's a closer view, took it on daaay three! I was an exploring fiend! (I have no anima now though Dx)
  9. Veedo

    Sexy time!

    Just hold out for the crafters to get... CRAFTY!
  10. The joy of the helmet is you only need it for 1m30s after reviving from death since that's how long the Death Penalty is with it equipped. It's the only time I'll use it for Vale.. Unless I get the whooooole outfit for him to woo the ladies with.
  11. I do. I've actually bought a second character slot to make an alt so my eight days aren't wasted. I'm a grind-fiend anyway, so I'll make up for this weeks loss. Especially now I figured a potential way around Fatigue System so I can recharge and get back in action. ;D Hugs for low framerates! D: â¥
  12. So far, due to my XI not linking properly (partially my fault, partially them not getting back to me in time on the account support), I've already missed out on the first two days of the extra time and looks like I'll be missing the next. It's starting to feel like I may as well wait until the 30th to get started. If that's the case I'll have all the bonus items anyways. ; ... ;_;
  13. In regards to your final part. Getting the goggles wouldn't be breaking the law if we kept them.
  14. I think my main issue is the fact that the goggles give that nice boost to stat gain. So not only is one country getting BOTH pre-order items, but also BOTH benefits. Last I checked the goggles were designed to help the SE people CATCH UP to us with the CE. Now if the eight-days-early goggles DIDN'T have the stat bonus I wouldn't be as bothered. I know you can make goggles that LOOK like those ingame anyway, so it's the -effect- that is the issue.
  15. It's not really envy, as I preorderedboth versions of the game anyway to get both items. It's just a case of... Why am I having to pay an extra amount for the same?
  16. My friend told me the Helm was in the CE box and they had the goggle code emailed to them later on in the day.
  17. So a few friends of mine got XIV at the same time as me today (technically yesterday now) and to my dismay and their joy they have BOTH pre-order items. I've sent a rather polite "WTF Mate?" email to Square Enix in regards to this, but still.. Knowing how their response center works I'll be getting a reply post-SE release so if I wanted the goggles I'd already have them. Anyone else have mixed feelings regarding this?
  18. â¥â¥â¥ Now when I get the game tomorrow... Today... Whichever, I can load right in! .. Pretty much. Danke!
  19. "Rosa, the great thieve's guil-" "Actually, I prefer the term Treasure Hunters" "Right. Rosa, the great Treasure Hunters' guild. People from all over Eorzea have come to be a part of it, seeking wealth, glory, and power. Others have joined for the adventure. What are you here for?" ~ Biggs and Garlden of Rosa. Rosa, the Thieve's Guild is a heavy RP based Linkshell, and future COMPANY set to the theme of Treasure Hunters and Final Fantasy's invisionment of Thief and Ninja classes. Members of Rosa come from many varied backgrounds, all coming together with the aim of getting rich, finding great treasures, fame, or just the adventure leading to all of those. They have a somewhat "Robin Hood" vibe, mainly robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. They just so happen to fit the poor bracket themselves, as well as some others that they tend to help out anonymously. Members Vale Hartstrong Ami Faye The Onion Vairick Cragorian Notes: As Companies are still shrouded in mystery, this page is due for update/append at any time. (OOC Info)
  20. With my new card I retook the test. Got 4,617.
  21. I have Vale at the Short (5'7") bracket, and my friend has their female Hyur at tallest which just-about stands taller than him (probably the hair, though) so I'd say Female Hyur at tallest is 5'7" give or take.
  22. Current theories involve extra voice acting and all the stuff that is currently on the servers (i.e. cutscenes) and so forth which lead to the lag issues.
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