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HACK! (Inactive)


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HACK! is a company of adventurers and artisans that have been brought together under a common banner for three noble causes:


* For Good

* For Glory

* For Profit


While there are representatives of HACK! in all of Eorzeaâs major cities, the bulk of the company is nomadic, traveling the wilds of Eorzea in chocobo-pulled wagon caravans as their work demands. There are rumors that the company may one day invest in an airship or even a seaworthy vessel to extend their reach, but considering they have business partners with access to both methods of travel, it is unclear just how accurate the rumors might be.


The company itself has a mysterious, unseen financial backer, and theories abound as to their true identity. (The âKupo!â in the companyâs name lends itself towards certain conclusions that, while improbable, are not entirely impossible.)


While every member of HACK! has different motives behind their membership and methods that they utilize in doing their part, it cannot be denied that the company attracts those who are good of heart (whether they realize it or not) and generally honorable (is it still stealing if youâre robbing a bandit?), certainly when compared to those who would be considered their rivalsâ¦


Server: Besaid


Leaders/contacts: Cid_Mercer (TheDart on homepage), Tomman_Porsal (Ivarian on homepage), Kaela Reinquist (Zizi on homepage)


RP Style: Medium RP


Website/forum: (Currently on temporary hosting and in a beta state, as are the forums -- make sure you read the AUP and Known Issues before posting!)


Headquarters: HACK has representatives in all of the major cities of Eorzea; the "primary headquarters" is designated on the fly, determined by wherever the higher-ups are congregating at any given point in time.


Linkshell interactions: The Crimson Blades, the GoldenMyst airship crew and the Guardians of Balance are all friends of HACK, the groups frequently coming together to work towards common ends.


Application criteria/process: There is an application that can be filled out on our site. Provided that an applicant is willing to abide by the linkshell's rules (which really boil down to "Be Excellent To Each Other" and "Rated T for Teen"), approval should be as simple as having a character concept that fits the group and presenting yourself as a mature, fun person to be around. Unfortunately, however, recruitment for HACK is currently closed, pending a few patches to the game that get us all eager to play again.


Rules: Our policies can be found on our site; we have rules of conduct, our rating, an alt policy and some tips for applicants. We are also completely fine with members belonging to more than one linkshell on their HACK! character, just as long as we actually see enough activity from them that we know they're still interested in participating.


Additional info: Our site is currently on hosting generously donated by a friend, so we will be up and moving everything come October. Everything should transfer fine, but if people want to wait to become involved on the site until after the move, we completely understand.


We are a lighthearted group that is as much about roleplaying as we are about playing the game together, creating a community of people who have shared interests and giving them the tools they need (namely, our overall site) to stay in touch even as their attention shifts to other games that catch their attention. HACK! itself is of a decent size, currently sitting at around forty people, but we expect this number to fluctuate as more applicants join our ranks and we see some inevitable dropoffs after the initial free month has concluded.


HACK! can still be found in-game, but recruitment is now closed.

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On September 18th, the day before the end of the open beta, HACK! will be having a day dedicated to hanging out together in-game. If you have been trying to meet any of us to gauge how you might fit with out group, this is a good day to do it. I will be in-game as much as possible, chillin' out near the Fishing guild in Limsa Lominsa's lower levels, and any Hackers or other interested RPers are cordially invited to come out and chill on the pier.

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With our 42nd member, our application process has been given an additional step -- securing a vouch from an existing member of the guild will be necessary before the officers will begin the reviewing process.


Get out there, meet some of us, get to know us (and let us get to know you)! If you can do all of that, your chances are just as good today as they were yesterday. :)

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