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Open Beta Character Names on Besaid


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Alaiac = Alarik Kirala

Alevra = Kiya Tosh

Alvaruz = Alvaruz Matani

Aniir = Dleaen Osanisi

ANSEM000 = Hidesem Gainsborough [L]

Asyria = Azyria Ziada

Asytra = Asytra Maandawe [L]

Aveline = Aveline Blue

Bale Andros = Bale Andros

berdyne = Berdyne Nayak

Boots = Aelis Gailarde

Calladan = Nee Ninean

Castiel = Castiel Mavanix

Cid_Mercer = Cid Mercer [L]

Ciele = Ciele Lionheart [L]

Crystal = Crystal Gall [L], Seraphine Winter

EDEN = Tarkas Grindamere

Eeam = Eeam Pelteir

Ellion = Ellion Direfrost [G], Fillion Fenias

Eva = Eva Ianeira

falcolas = Nahris Ducatis

foxfirestorm = Vaelyn Nykah [G], Koti Rahjah [L], Felix Pheonicis

FreelanceWizard = Tatiana Vance , Aylanis Nerinith [L]

Gavriel = Gavriel Venitiago

Gerick = Gerick Anvindr

headlessorpheus = Vandal Crown [L]

Idunnea = Idunnea Adabrum [G]

Io = Jeran Cieran , Autumn Delrend [G]

Jakky = Jakih Ishtari

Kagato = Kagato Jurai [L]

Kangenix = Naja Salaheem [L]

Keir = Keir Loell

Kejira = Kyri Khivva

Lukoya = Rhynvald Werner

Lunaticked = Farah Dahlgren [G], Rev Reinhardt

Melisel = Khyas Isol, Melisel Beauxdierre

Nij = Nij Laroc [G]

Ozgur = Ozgur Musadyn

Pippa = Pippa Lililoo [L]

Qinsakura = Qinsakura Kayne

Ravirr = Ravirr Shiga

Renaise = Renaise Galwind [L]

Rhio = Rhio Aldul [G]

Rikitiki = Rikitiki Tavatiki

SamusKnight2K = Sair Gammonari

Satisiun = Satisiun Desain [G]

Satrina = Kali Nimue

Shamad Conde = Shamad Conde

Soren Miren = Soren Miren [G]

Spartle = Oria Argall [L]

Stanzie = Stanzie Rhys [G], Piper Rowe [L], Leighannine Bonnaviat

sweetidealism = Nikolai Petrilio

Tadir = Tadir West

Tagyr = Thagyr Rhaldgrid [G]

Tanusri = Niyati ElSallia [G]

toque = Madeleine Levoie [G]

Trine = Meduna Macross [L], Calamity Cahn [G]

Tyriont = Tyriont Gaidal

UnbeknownstGhost = Unbeknownst Ghost, Amazing Bob

Valsegul = Valsegul Karnatheos

vareal = Nedral Crenl [G]

Veedo = Vale Hartstrong

Xzenivar = Xzenivar Ashallanset [L]

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I formed the list above based on the names of people who have indicated Besaid server. If you've indicated another server name, feel free to edit your post. If you choose to include a city-state in your post as well I'll tag you with [L], [G], or as well - though this should by no means indicate with any certainty that the character will be located in or around that city-state. Thanks!

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Updated the Original Post.

For simplicity's sake, after I've added a name, I'm nuking the post to help keep track of who's been added and who still needs to be added. Many of the submissions on the first page stated Lindblum server or weren't clear, so I didn't include those. Please just re-post it and I'll make sure you get added to the server roster.



EDIT: Sorry for any further confusion. I'm only adding names of people in the Open Beta who have already rolled characters on the Besaid server. If you've indicated you won't be playing until the 22nd, 30th, or PS3 release I've left the name off since we won't accidentally be bumping into your character - no offense! Just trying to keep the list clean. Also, this is by no means a master list of who and where people will be after the public release of the game. In fact, after the 22nd I think it would be a better idea for each guild/linkshell/company to track its own members and possibly keep a group roster stickied somewhere in those RPS threads.

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Rather than add the starting city letter after the name, maybe split them by starting city, with an "Undefined" category?


^ This. I think that's an awesome idea. It would certainly help distinguish who is near you and who you'd have to travel on the other side of the world to find. 10 Points!

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