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Xin's stuff and what not


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I am a fellow art lover and A fellow artist, so I will post my crap.


Thought I'm excited about XIV I haven't actually drawn a whole lot of it, just because I still dont know much about the character creation and what not, but that'll start changing as time goes on and i'll have more stuff to throw out.


So for now a bit of FFXI, and what little i've drawn of XIV for your enjoyment.

My DA page is also here http://www.aoixin.deviantart.com It has less FF art and alot of AION and personal OC's though. and alot of gay men leaning to the right, just to.. forwarn you.


Deirdre's Avatar.





My avatar at its original size





Old FFXI art I did for an old friend.





The Original slayers eating dinner.




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I get a bit of a Slayers vibe from the style' date=' and that's never a bad thing.[/quote']


Slayers vibe? Slayers is the name of my legion lol ._o


I'm thinking she is referring to these Slayers. Though I could be wrong.


Lol I used to watch The Slayers series aaaaages ago, I suppose I might have picked up something in there, the girlfriend said she sees it in the characters eyes like where the corners of their eyes end, I suppose thats where I got my style of eyes from.

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