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  1. Thank you both. Arlon, sorry to hear of your similar circumstances. So much to say, but life goes on! I do wish there were more hours in the day to devote to Rp. I am so rusty. I will be lurking. :angel:
  2. Hello, RPC. My, how you've grown! It's been a few years. Some of you *might* remember me from release days. I decided to depart from the game only a few months in and honestly never had a chance to know many from the community. Well, I thought I'd stick my head in to see what all of the raucous is about ARR. There have been a lot of huge, life changes for me since I left. Let's see if I can summarize for your reading enjoyment! First, I got a giant, surprise bomb dropped on me. :bomb: Then, I separated from my husband of 13 years and moved back to my home country (US). :cactu
  3. I've decided to take a hiatus due to lots of RL stuff going on. I feel sad when I say that although I miss the fun interactions with you good folk, I don't actually miss anything else about the game. Aside from the possibility of taking part in some great RP, there is nothing else that really 'hooked' me. :oops: I am hoping that in a few months I might be able to return and by then maybe there will be more to genuinely draw me in. Fingers crossed!
  4. A letter arrives - one to each linkshell - addressed to the collective members: Please forgive me in advance for this crude letter. I thought I had prepared myself for the permanency of my time with you, but sand castles are forever at the mercy of the fickle sea breeze. I wish I did not have to leave you. A place from my past has appealed for me to travel with all haste to tend to a loved one⦠someone very close to me. He is ill with a fever the best doctors cannot identify and my immediate âfamilyâ â estranged for the most partâ has written imploringly for my quick return. Th
  5. I feel your pain - I felt exactly the same when I started playing. I decided to roll with it and have been in the middle of some pretty interesting interactions as a result. There is a saying where I'm from (not all that uncommon) which is 'If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes." In Eorzea, you don't even need to wait that long. :lol:
  6. Wish my day had some peace & quiet. Nonstop gogogo support phones ring-a-ling-linging talk to client x, talk to client y, update support incident, fill out umpty online orders, update 20 spreadsheets, diffuse angry calls, drink gallons of coffee, speedwalk home, collapse on couch. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  7. I will be honest and say that I'm a bit disappointed with my character's lack of progression in game. There is an ongoing writing project I am working on (listed in my signature) but there has certainly been more development on this than in building formative relationships with others in game. This is completely my fault as I have limited opportunity to be in game unless it's the weekend or I have enough free time after work. Some factors that I believe to be the cause: Timezone (GMT). I have genuinely find it difficult to spot roleplayers in Gridania (my starting area). Likewise
  8. ((OK that is odd because on second glance my calendar says it's on the 24th from Midnight - 2AM! Guess that answers the questions - will have to rule me out then. )
  9. ((Daishi, can you please clarify what time zone the event will be held? The event in the calendar doesn't elaborate either. Am I being daft? Also you have listed the 22nd and 23rd in the first post, and the calendar says it's the 24th! *brain explosion* :lol:))
  10. Damn, I posted in your HACK discussion thread when I meant to put it here. Sorry - can anyone moderate pwease? :oops:
  11. I like your style as well - hope we get to see more soon!
  12. Wow ... good on them for cracking down on this! Do NOT mess with SE. :approve:
  13. Zyanya

    Sexy time!

    Yay, a battle-thong. :frustrated:
  14. Thank you for the reposting of this - I would have never found it otherwise
  15. I think that #1 has the most unique look of the 3 and so it is the one that I particularly like.
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