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Hesper LaLue

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RL Name: N/A

RL Age: 29

Country: USA

Timezone: EST

RL Gender: Male


--Why do you like to RP?: It's why I play mmos. No rp, no need to stick with it.


Basic info


--Characters: Hesper LaLue


--Current primary linkshell: None


RP Preferences: Heavy


--RP style (light, casual, moderate, or heavy)?


--Are you willing to RP a fight scene in game? If so, preferred method of combat? (/randoming, skill based, etc)

Possibilely, but only if it fit the characters and their stories.


--Are you willing to take major injuries in game? (ie limb loss, comas, etc.) It is possible



--Under what circumstances, if any, would you allow your character to be killed off? If it served the purpose of the story or if I did things to merit it.



--Are you willing to RP romance in game? How far are you willing to go? Yes, as far as you can imagine.



--What kind of non-romantic RP relationships are you seeking? (family ties, etc) All types I suppose, even children.



--How far from the actual lore are you willing to stray? Not too far.



--Views on chat functions (IC vs OOC in /party, /linkshell, /say)? RP 24/7.



--Will most of your RP be confined in a single linkshell or will you try to RP with as many as possible? See above.



--How do you prefer to be contacted? (PM or post in this thread) PM

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I'd also like to add that I hate giving out a backstory, because that should be played out in game.


I have thought of some ideas. A friend of mine and I are rping that we are ex-defense force guys that served together until the armies were disbanded. We went our seperate ways and have recently found each other again in Ul'Dah.


We both have seperate reasons for coming back there.


I would be open to meeting with anyone to rp some stuff out and see where it leads. We could have people that used to be from our troup as well, as long as we all talked about it before hand. This way, we'd all kinda have 'memories' of each other and know each other.


But, it doesn't have to be that way. Anyone with a story I would like to meet. I am not really into forming a guild, or joining one at this time. Just rp and see if we can get some arcs and relationships going.


I have an idea on my backstory as far as people involved, and if anyone would be interested in seeing if they would want to tie into to that, I would love to hear from you.


Please contact me in game. I am Hesper LaLue on Besaid.


You may also reply to me here on this post.

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I guess the thing that always troubled me in FF 11 was I never felt like anything more than just a guy levelling in a party.


WHen I think of FF, and I have played 1-12, I always think back to 6-8 where the hero and those around him/her were such STRONG characters. The relationships that those characters had and the real personalities they displayed was why the game was so much fun.


Sadly, w/o characters to drive the story, FF becomes nothing more than you as a player filling a role while you grind away. I would very much like to avoid this in 14.


I hope that others fill this way too. Characters of all types like the boastful bard, the solem priest, the silent warrior, the distant hero, the wacky mage and the redeemed thief have always made their way into the FF games.


I hope to see this here too. Please contact me and let's see what's out there.

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Aha, found you!! :D


I'm sorry about before, I was at first very confused because first I thought you might be a friend of mine irl who was just messing with me on a new character, because he's prone to do that since he was supposed to be switching over to Besaid sometime this week. But I really liked the RP we had going, even if it took me a moment to get into it because it was so sudden. xP


I would like to work with you more on this idea you have before we go much further, because as it is I'm still deciding what exactly I want to do with Elle in both RP and gameplay-wise, i.e. whether to keep her Lominsa for now. Just as a heads-up for the future, let me know in advance if you'd like to collaborate on something like that. Haha I was just very confused at first xD But it was really fun! ^^


So, yeah, PM me or reply and let me know more about this idea and where we can go from here, because I would like the characters to meet! :D

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As an update, I have met a few people here and there. Some have some cool ideas and I hope I can see where the future leads.


I am still amazed at how an mmo like FF with thousands of people online and a HUGE, loyal fanbase with decades of ideas to draw from would not even say two words to each other in passing.


If you are out there, we need to get together.

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Just trying to push this over the top here.


I have met with a bunch of great rpers on Besaid so far and have made some good friends.


As I said, FF is great because of the characters and that is what I really want here.


Where is the Cloud, Squall or Tidus hero who has awaken to become the star of the show? Where is the scorned prince/king like Edward the bard from ff4 or Edgar the Engineer from ff6? Where is the redeemed cocky, smart-mouthed thief like Locke in ff6 or Reku is ff10? Where is the cooky mage like Strago from ff6 or Vivi from ff9?


I don't want to be the hero. I am a white mage by trade and am forming a nice little pocket for myself in the desert as a priest of sorts. Yet, I'd like to see a real rp adevnturing party with those classic FF character types listed above comprising its ranks.


Think about it in the terms of like D & D where the adventurers get together to explore and 'save the world' and then when they are not together, they are so famous for being the world 'heros' that they lead their own orders on the side.


For examples, why not like a monastic order of priests led by the group's white mage, me, a knightly order of paladin's led by the group's classic knight protecting the relm like Cyan from ff6 or Cecil from ff4, a 'treasure hunter's' guild (to steal the terms Locke used to make himself not sound like a thief in ff6) led by the group's thief ect. Then all the heros get together and adventure as a party away from their orders as the 'heros of the world' just like in all FF games.


We can still solo and do our own thing, but then come together and adavance 'our story' as we see fit. It just makes real good sense to me.


We'd be like rock stars and people throughout the server would know us. Yes, this is ambitious, but why not? Sure there might be some personality clashes, but that is what makes it fun. Plus, it's not like we are together 24/7. The whole thing can even start with the hero waking from a dream and being told to find Hesper LaLue. Bingo, we're off to the races.


I know I am not the only one out here that has a great love and understanding for the old school FF style characters. Please, let's see if we can do something like this.

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If anyone has ever seen Samurai 7, then perhaps you know what I am talking about.


There were 7 characters, each with very different personalities and all whom could have been a lead character in their own story, but who fit together nicely to tell a large, complex adventure story.


That's what I am talking about here. Larger than life character all interacting to tell a large, epic Final Fantasy-esc story with conquest, betrayl, lust, friendship, heroics and love all spliced in.

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I have developed a small group of players who have some ideas.


I would like to find some more players and specifically a female conj./mage and a traditional 'hero' type character that would be a gladiator probally.


If you enjoy character based rp and probally a story-driven experience through game advancement and character interactions with some site-based rp thrown in, let me know.

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