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  1. Happy birthday Castiel!! Thanks for all your hard work for the RP community! *insert cake*
  2. Aha, found you!! I'm sorry about before, I was at first very confused because first I thought you might be a friend of mine irl who was just messing with me on a new character, because he's prone to do that since he was supposed to be switching over to Besaid sometime this week. But I really liked the RP we had going, even if it took me a moment to get into it because it was so sudden. xP I would like to work with you more on this idea you have before we go much further, because as it is I'm still deciding what exactly I want to do with Elle in both RP and gameplay-wise, i.e. whether to keep her Lominsa for now. Just as a heads-up for the future, let me know in advance if you'd like to collaborate on something like that. Haha I was just very confused at first But it was really fun! ^^ So, yeah, PM me or reply and let me know more about this idea and where we can go from here, because I would like the characters to meet!
  3. elle

    RPC on Bluegartr

    Wow! D: Not much else to say. I know there will be "haters" but I think I can do a good job of ignoring it and not letting it get to me. Still, this does have me a bit worried. But it's really nothing to get too upset over. To be expected. But there is something worth being upset over... *sucks in a deep breath* ...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*the rest has been omitted for your convenience*
  4. ((I thought it might be better to post this here and link to it. I think it could use the bump for new members, like me! xP As I said before, I love these character Q&A exercises!)) You invite a friend over to your house for the afternoon. Describe what your friend would see upon entering your home. "Hmm, let's see." Elle pauses as she takes a moment to think. Then with a sheepish smile she admits, "Not much, really! My little apartment in Limsa has just what I need. I guess you could say it really is little more than a space for a bed, my clothes, and my other possessions. I do like to keep plenty of flowers and plants in vases and pots all around the places. I guess that would pop out at them first, mmhmm!" During the casual small-talk that ensues, your friend asks you if you have read any good books lately. How do you respond? "A book?" She blinks incredulously, as if she does not even know the meaning of the word. "I did read a good cookbook not too long ago. Well, I guess it would not make for very interesting reading by itself, but the recipes were really good! If only I could make them." She chuckles mirthfully. Your friend eventually leaves, and you're still bored. Restless, you leave the house and set out for a walk. Describe the neighborhood you live in. "I live in Limsa Lominsa, down near the docks. The waters sparkle in the daylight, and the rows and rows of quaint white stone houses like mine give way to winding and twisting sections of the wooden docks. The smell of the seawater and fish hangs in the air, and it can get really humid during the day. But there is nothing like the feel of the misty sea breeze skimming over the water and rushing between the rocks refreshing you! You just have to watch where you step and mind your business. You have to be very careful at night, too." Oh no! An orphan is in trouble! Down the street from where you stand, a small street urchin is being bullied by three larger youths. What do you do about it? "Bullies?" Elle shifts uncomfortably as she considers her answer. "I would call out to them and try to get them to stop. It's not right to pick on someone like that!" Adventure time! The next day, still restless, you decide that what you need is a good change of pace. How do you pack for your four-day road trip to Ishgard? "I love a trip!" Elle looks excited, her tail swaying rhythmically behind her as she clasps her hands together. "I would not need to bring much! You know you can find a lot of what you need out in the wild, and it is better to travel light!" She nods, her smile wider and brighter than usual. "I would bring a flask of water, a compass, some rope, some linens for bandages and the like, some food... Pretty boring, huh?" She laughs to herself. "Oh! And... my axe. Hmm, a map? Oh, no thanks. Just point me in the right direction!" Along your journey, you spot some bandits waiting at a bridge across a wide but slow moving river up ahead of you. They haven't seen you yet. You need to cross the bridge to get to where you're going. How do you handle the situation? "This is tough." Elle looks nervous and uncertain. "I really, really don't want to fight, but I know the bandits wouldn't just let me pass. I could try to hide and wait and see what they are up to. Maybe they will just go away? Wait... what if someone else comes and tries to cross? I can wait to see if anyone is coming from the same direction as me and warn them. Then maybe we could work together! But if they come from the other side... Maybe I will have to fight after all." You have just arrived for the first time in a new big city. Where do you go first? "Everywhere! A new city just means new sights to see and new people to meet! I guess I shouldn't poke my nose where it doesn't belong, but I would love to see it all~" For being the 1,000th tourist to the city, you have been given a 6,000 gil voucher to spend as you like at the Ishgard Department Store (think FFXIV version of Macy's). What do you spend it on? "S-six thousand? That is so much! I can... just have it? Are you sure?" Elle blushes. "Oh, well, it is just a question. Hehehe... Hmm, what would I spend it on? Well, if I just made the trip Ishgard, I suppose I would have equipment that would need repairs or replacement. Then maybe I could get a nice meal. Six thousand gil is so much!" Elle continues to think about the answer, though it is clear she either does not spend large amounts of money often, or she does not have many material desires. "Hm? You mean just buy stuff I want? Well... I guess I would like a nice dress and some matching shoes. Maybe a pretty necklace." All of that shopping has made you deliriously hungry. What sort of food establishment do you seek out for lunch? "I guess the first nice little place I see. I do love eating outdoors! Maybe a nice cafe? N-nothing too expensive! I am not a high-class girl." She lowers her eyes to the floor. Five months later and safely back at home, you realize the Winter Festival is approaching! What sort of present do you pick out for your mother (or nearest living relative, or closest friend)? "My... mother?" The once cheery girl looks away for a moment, visibly stung. A frown forms on her face. Then she turns back and forces a weak smile. "Oh, I'm sorry! I was just thinking about something else. I would get her a nice... a nice bracelet. Engraved, with a special message."
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